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Costco San Diego Zoo Tickets | Deals & Everything You Should Know

Costco is known for its massive stores and huge discounts on everything from toilet paper to laundry detergent.

But Costco is less known for its deals on tickets for popular attractions like the San Diego Zoo!

We're here to break down everything there is to know about Costco's San Diego Zoo tickets including if they're a good deal and when you'll find these tickets available for sale.

Questions We'll Answer About San Diego Zoo Tickets at Costco:

  • Does Costco Sell San Diego Zoo Tickets?
  • Are San Diego Zoo Tickets From Costco A Good Deal?
  • How Do You Buy San Diego Zoo Tickets From Costco?
  • Other San Diego Zoo Ticket Deals!

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Does Costco Sell San Diego Zoo Tickets?

Costco sells tickets to the San Diego Zoo at varying times throughout the year.

Unfortunately, Costco does not carry San Diego Zoo tickets year-round, but the good news is that they are typically available multiple times each year.

You'll just need to keep an eye out for when they go on sale at your local store! 

Couple Enjoy Skyfari at San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo tickets typically arrive at Costco after peak travel periods like Spring Break, Summer, and the holidays to boost attendance when the zoo is less busy. 

Keep an eye out for announcements from Costco during these times of year to see if they'll be carrying tickets.

The word usually gets around quickly when Costco announces they'll have San Diego Zoo or theme park tickets in stock! These tickets are usually extremely popular, but Costco is typically well stocked and they will seldom sell out. 

Are San Diego Zoo Tickets From Costco A Good Deal?

San Diego Zoo tickets sold at Costco are nearly always a good deal but aren't always the right purchase for everyone. 

While sometimes Costco offers 1-day San Diego Zoo tickets for a discounted price, often the deals you'll see from Costco are "Buy 2 Days Get 1 Free".


You also might find discounts on some of the more expensive ticket options like the San Diego 3 For 1 Pass which gets you into the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, and SeaWorld.

These tickets nearly always save you money when comparing prices directly from the San Diego Zoo, but you'll have to make sure these ticket deals are what you wanted to purchase.

If you had planned to visit the zoo for just a single day, then you'll find some of these tickets to be more expensive, but you'll be able to come back and visit the San Diego Zoo (or other parks like SeaWorld) at a discounted price!  

Family Looking At Cheetah

Even though you see a special deal or offer for the San Diego Zoo at Costco, we recommend double-checking the prices to see if it's what fits in your budget and what you were hoping to spend. 

If you're looking for a deal on single-day tickets, Theme Park Center offers discounted 1-Day tickets to the San Diego Zoo with $5 dollars off when using the promo code SAVE5!

How Do You Buy San Diego Zoo Tickets From Costco?

San Diego Zoo tickets at Costco can only be purchased in-store. 

Tickets can't be purchased online, unfortunately. 

When Costco is selling San Diego Zoo tickets they can typically be found near the front of the store or by the Costco Travel Section. 

San Diego Zoo Car Tour

In the past, the tickets have looked like gift cards, but sometimes they can only be found by going to the Costco Travel desk and directly asking for them as they're printed for you at Costco. 

Other San Diego Zoo Ticket Deals!

Finding discounts and deals on San Diego Zoo tickets are hard to come by and Costco remains one of the best places to get a deal on tickets. 

One of the other great ways to purchase discounted San Diego Zoo tickets is from an Authorized San Diego Zoo Ticket Seller (like Theme Park Center) which often have various sales and deals on tickets. 

Right now you can get $5 off on single-day tickets to the San Diego Zoo by using the promo code SAVE5 at checkout

This is one of the best deals available for San Diego Zoo tickets, so be sure to take advantage of it while it lasts. 



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