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Carowinds Lockers: Everything You Need to Know

Many visitors who visit Carowinds are unsure of where to keep their items when they want to participate in rides.

In this page, we will explain whether or not Carowinds has lockers, how to use them, the different types of lockers, and the best ways to save money.

Does Carowinds Have Lockers?

Yes, Carowinds has many lockers positioned around the park, and many lockers can be found near the entrance of the park as well as rides.

carowinds locker sign
carowinds lockers

Visitors will create a 7-digit code to safely store their belongings.

There are different types of lockers, and each one will vary in price.


There are four types of lockers at Carowinds including:

  1. Standard Locker - $20
  2. Large Locker - $25
  3. Jumbo Locker  - $30
  4. Ride Locker - $4 for 2 hours
carowinds locker rental types and prices

It's important to know that Carowinds is a cashless park, meaning you won't be able to rent a locker without a card.

The locker rental kiosk and wall next to it will show you approximately how many bags can fit in each locker size.

carowinds locker size

The Standard, Large, and Jumbo lockers are all considered regular lockers used to store larger items, and visitors can come back and only grab what they need from the locker throughout the day.

Ride Lockers

carowinds ride lockers

The ride lockers are much smaller and intended for short-term use, specifically to only need to store their belongings to ride a ride and retrieve it afterward.

If you do not return to grab your belongings by the time your 2 hours are up, it will be considered an Expired Locker.

Rather than using your pin to open up your locker, you'll have to use the locker kiosk and select the Open Expired Locker option, and follow the instructions.

Ride lockers are typically located next to the entrance of rides.

Where Lockers Can Be Found

Some of the locker locations include:

  • North Gate entrance
  • South Gate entrance
  • Thrill Zone to the left of Fury 325
  • Blue Ridge Junction to the right of Copperhead Strike
  • Carolina Harbor - at Surf Club Harbor and Tidal Wave Bay
  • Carolina Harbor - at Sharkey's Grill & Beachcombers

Lockers can be found on the Carowinds map through the lock icon.

carowinds lock icon that identifies lockers on the map

Should You Get a Locker at Carowinds?

If you're worried about carrying certain belongings with you all day and/or are planning to ride rides but nobody in your group will be able to temporarily hold your belongings, then definitely consider getting some type of locker. 

carowinds ride

The locker prices are affordable and if it means being able to carry less throughout the day at Carowinds, then it's worth every penny. 

Worrying about not losing certain items throughout the day is no way to spend your time, and additionally, many rides won't allow you on with loose items.

Lockers will give you the peace of mind that your items are safely stored throughout the day.

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