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Can You Bring Coffee Into Universal Studios? | Rules & Tips

A visit to Universal Studios typically kicks off with a very early morning which means coffee is going to be a must.

With coffee in hand on your way to Universal Studios you might be wondering if you’ll need to chug it in the car or if you can simply bring your coffee into the park with you!

Questions We'll Answer About Coffee At Universal Studios:

  • What is Universal’s Policy on Outside Food & Beverages?
  • Can You Bring Coffee Into Universal Studios?
  • Where Can You Buy Coffee at Universal Studios?

 Starbucks Coffee at Universal Studios

What is Universal’s Policy on Outside Food & Beverages?

Universal actually limits the amount of food and beverage you can bring into their parks.

The official stance on food only allows for small snacks that do not require heating, food required for medical purposes, special dietary needs or baby food.

Outside of these guidelines you may have difficulty bringing food inside Universal Studios, but in our experience as long as you aren’t packing full meals then you shouldn’t have any issues.

It’s important to always keep these guidelines in consideration though!

Coffee Shop at Universal's Islands of Adventure

The official rules on beverages limits you to bottled water (maximum of 2 liters) and baby formula. 

Again, this is Universal’s official stance on bringing in outside beverages, but in our experience we haven’t seen many guests have issues unless they are trying to bring in multiple beverages especially if they are in glass bottles.

Alcohol is always prohibited from bringing into the park, but coffee on the other hand is a beverage Universal is typically more accommodating with.

Can You Bring Coffee Into Universal Studios?

Universal official states that only bottled water and baby formula are the outside beverages allowed into their theme parks.

That being said it’s very common to see people entering the parks throughout the day with their Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cups.

On most occasions we don’t anticipate any issues with bringing coffee into Universal as long as it’s done in moderation.

Iced Cinnabon Mocha Coffee at CityWalk

Any coffee you bring into the park should typically be a single serving and shouldn’t be a large thermos or container with the purpose of being used by multiple people.

These large containers will likely be confiscated by Universal security, but an individual cup of coffee (one per person) should have minimal issues getting through security. 

Please remember that Universal’s official policy prohibits you from bringing in coffee so it’ll ultimately be up to security if you can bring your coffee into the parks — luckily they’re usually very lenient on this rule as it pertains to coffee!

Where Can You Buy Coffee at Universal Studios?

If you forget to bring your own coffee or have to leave it with security you’ll have no problem finding coffee on Universal property!

Below we’ve outlined a few of the best spots to grab a coffee at Universal Studios:

  • Starbucks (CityWalk, USF, USH & IOA) 
  • Today Cafe (Universal Studios Florida)
  • Voodoo Donut (CityWalk Orlando + Hollywood)
  • Cinnabon (CityWalk Orlando + Hollywood)
  • The Crepe Cafe (Universal CityWalk Hollywood)
  • Studio Cafe (Universal Studios Hollywood)



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