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Best Places To Buy Coffee At Universal Studios | Top Locations

Coffee and caffeine is a must have when heading to Universal Studios first thing in the morning and luckily the Universal parks have multiple options for you to choose from.

In this guide we'll tell you some of the best spots to find coffee at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and CityWalk as well as what you can expect to find at these locations! 

The Best Places To Buy Coffee At Universal Studios:

  • Starbucks (CityWalk, USF, USH & IOA) 
  • Today Cafe (Universal Studios Florida)
  • Voodoo Donut (CityWalk Orlando + Hollywood)
  • The Crepe Cafe (Universal CityWalk Hollywood)
  • Studio Cafe (Universal Studios Hollywood)

Universal Studios Hollywood Starbucks Coffee Location

Starbucks (CityWalk, USF, USH & IOA) 

Starbucks has multiple locations at all three Universal parks in the United States as well as CityWalk Orlando and CityWalk Hollywood.

While getting a coffee from Starbucks doesn't sound like the most exciting option to grab a coffee when visiting Universal Studios, you'll know exactly what to expect and can easily grab your favorite order.

Many of the coffee stops at Universal parks don't have the same variety of beverages as a Starbucks, so you'll have much more of a selection and customizability of your coffee. 

We've outlined where each Starbucks location is below:

Universal Studios Florida

  • Located in "New York" near The Mummy and Fast and Furious rides

Islands of Adventure

  • Located in Port of Entry just a 2-3 minute walk after entering the park

CityWalk Orlando

  • Located across from the movie theater shortly after the moving sidewalks end

Universal Studios Hollywood

  • Located on the "Upper Lot" next to the Transformers ride

CityWalk Hollywood

  • Located right in the middle of CityWalk next to Antojitos and across from NBC Sports Grill & Brew

Today Cafe (Universal Studios Florida)

Today Cafe is one of the newer locations offering coffee and pastries at Universal Studios Florida.

Located just a few steps away from the main entrance of the park, Today Cafe serves hot coffee, cold brew, nitro cold brew amongst other coffee offerings! 

The Today Cafe is a great spot to grab a coffee and an especially great spot if you're hoping to have a coffee along with a pastry as an assortment of baked goods are also available for sale. 

Today Cafe is one of the most convenient spots to grab coffee and has more options than most coffee spots inside the parks. It's one of our favorite locations for a simple breakfast as well!  

Donut on top of coffee from Voodoo Donut

Voodoo Donut (CityWalk Orlando + Hollywood)

Voodoo Donut is another place to consider grabbing a cup of coffee while at CityWalk Orlando or CityWalk Hollywood. 

While mostly known for their huge assortment of donuts, Voodoo also has a small selection of flavored coffees that are very affordable and great for a quick fix.

We wouldn't say this is the best spot at either CityWalks for a cup of coffee, it's great if you just need a quick cup that might be slightly better quality than what you'd find inside the parks. 

If you want a indulgent sweet treat to have alongside your coffee then Voodoo is a can't miss spot.

Crepe Cafe at Universal Studios Hollywood

The Crepe Cafe (Universal CityWalk Hollywood)

The Crepe Cafe is a reasonably priced location with a variety of coffees to grab on your way into Universal Studios Hollywood.

Their menu includes brewed coffee, mochas, white mochas, espressos and cappuccinos, so all of your basics will be covered along with a few more premium options. 

Prices are a bit more affordable than Starbucks and quality is a bit better than what you'd find inside Universal Studios Hollywood which makes The Crepe Cafe a coffee location worth considering. 

The Crepe Cafe is located towards the end of Universal CityWalk Hollywood (closer to the front gates of USH) near the Universal Studios Store. 

Studio Cafe at Universal Studios Hollywood

Studio Cafe (Universal Studios Hollywood)

Basic brewed coffee is available at the Studio Cafe in Universal Studios Hollywood which is located on the Lower Lot near the Transformers attraction.

The coffee here is very basic, but if you just need something simple and aren't a fan of Starbucks than Studio Cafe might be worth trying. 

Studio Cafe is also one of the only locations you can grab a coffee from on the Lower Lot, so if you don't feel like making the trek back up the Upper Lot then the Studio Cafe is going to be on of your only options. 

For a morning caffeine boost Studio Cafe will have you covered, but for anything else we'd recommend heading over to Starbucks or making sure to stop at The Crepe Cafe before entering the park. 


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