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Breakfast at Universal Studios Hollywood | Top 5 Reviewed

Breakfast at Universal Studios Hollywood isn't the easiest meal to find on the property, but in this guide, we'll show you some favorite breakfast spots perfect for an early morning at the park!

Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast on the go or a fun sit-down experience Universal Studios Hollywood does have something for everyone.

Best Breakfast Spots at Universal Studios Hollywood:

  • Starbucks (Upper and Lower Lot)
  • Lard Lad Donuts
  • French Street Bistro
  • Three Broomsticks
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

 Universal Studios Hollywood Sign

Starbucks (Upper and Lower Lot)

Craving a Frappuccino and egg bites?

Universal Studios Hollywood has not one, but two Starbucks inside the park (there's also a Starbucks at CityWalk if you want to grab breakfast on your way in)!

Conveniently located on both the upper and lower lots, Starbucks is a great option to quickly stop in on your way to the first ride of the morning no matter where you're heading.

The Starbucks locations inside the park are almost identical to your everyday Starbucks at home.


Drink and coffee options range from Frappuccinos to hot chocolates and ice lattes. 


Starbucks has great food that is often overlooked. Hot breakfast items include a variety of biscuit or croissant sandwiches and vegetarian options as well.

Egg bites are also available at these locations! 

Lard Lad Donuts

Located on the upper lot in the Springfield area, Lard Lad Donuts is a breakfast spot with a twist!

While their menu typically only consists of two or three donuts at a time these donuts are HUGE!

Lard Lad Donuts


As you can see one donut could easily feed two kids (or adults!). 


While the donuts are certainly the main attraction, Lard Lad has a select few speciality coffees including lattes and cappuccinos as well.

We recommend Lard Lad Donuts if you're looking for an outrageous breakfast experience that's hard to find anywhere else!  

French Street Bistro

A short walk from the entrance of the park on the upper lot, French Street Bistro is another one of our favorites!


The main attraction here is going to be the pastries and baked goods which are perfect to enjoy on the go or sitting down for a relaxing morning. 

Breakfast at Universal Studios Hollywood



The French Street Bistro also serves a wide variety of coffees! Nitro cold brews, americano, double espresso and much more are available for your morning caffeine boost.

Three Broomsticks 

Three Broomsticks is one of the best spots at Universal Studios Hollywood for breakfast and our favorite pick as well!

Breakfast at Three Broomsticks

Not only are the breakfast options here amongst the best on property, the setting and environment can't be beat!

Located in the Hogsmeade area on the upper lot, Three Broomsticks transports you into the Harry Potter movies. This sit-down breakfast spot is more than a meal -- it's an immersive experience that you can't find anywhere else!


Range from a stack of fluffy pancakes to a traditional English Breakfast with sausage, baked beans, baked tomato, mushrooms and black pudding.

If you're looking for something a bit more familiar Three Broomsticks has an American Breakfast scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon and sausage link with butter croissant.


Each meal comes with your choice of a coffee or juice included. Milk and hot tea are also available for an additional charge. 

TIP: This breakfast option is very popular and only available on select days, so be sure to check the park calendar and arrive early!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Reservations at Three Broomsticks?

No, reservations are not available for Three Broomsticks. When you're ready to eat you can head over to the restaurant. You'll typically find a bit of wait at Three Broomsticks because it's a popular spot, but plenty of indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Are Any Annual Pass Discounts Available on Food?

Yes! A 15% annual pass discounts are available at Three Broomsticks and most other in park dining locations at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

When Does Breakfast Begin?

Breakfast at Universal Studios Hollywood begins as soon as the park opens!

How Late is Breakfast Served?

Breakfast is typically served only until 10:30AM or 11:00AM depending on the location. 

Can I Bring Food and Drinks With me on the Rides?

You may bring food and drinks with you while you wait in line, but you'll need to finish before getting on the ride.

Is Breakfast Available at CityWalk Hollywood?

Yes! CityWalk has great breakfast options including Jamba and Voodoo Donuts!

Are Any Other Breakfast Options Available?

We've only highlighted our favorites in this guide, but you can also find quick breakfast bites at Hollywood & Dine, Palace Deli & Market and Studio Cafe. 

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