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Best Travel Steamers 2023 | Ranked & Reviewed!

Travel steamers are an extremely useful tool to bring with you when traveling to make sure your clothes are in pristine and crisp condition for any occasion! 

There are TONS of travel steamers on the market, so we've tested them out and provided our review and ranking of our favorite portable travel steamers for you to consider picking up before your next trip!

Topics We'll Cover About Travel Steamers:

  • What Should You Look For When Buying A Travel Steamer?
  • Our Top Travel Steamers Ranked & Reviewed!

 Travel Steamer Size Comparison


When buying a travel steamer, you will want to strike a balance between portability and functionality. 

We recommend looking for a steamer that's no larger than 12"x7" unless it can fold up to reduce its size.

We'd also suggest going no heavier than 3 lbs when shopping for a travel steamer. Many great travel steamers are far lighter than 3 lbs so buying a steamer heavier than this is going to add unnecessary weight to your luggage. 

Finally, while wattage doesn't always dictate how hot the steam will get or how fast a steamer will get hot, it's never a bad thing to get a steamer with a higher wattage. We recommend looking for steamers with wattage in the 900 - 1000 watt range. 

Our Top Travel Steamers: Ranked & Reviewed

We tested multiple travel-friendly portable steamers and scored them based on four different key categories.

  • Effectiveness: Overall ability to remove wrinkles and creases from various types of clothes and materials.
  • Portability: How compact and easy it is to store the steamer in luggage or travel bag.
  • Weight: Overall weight of the steamer without a full water tank.
  • Heating Speed: How fast a steamer reaches its maximum steam heat.

Below you'll find our top three favorite steamers!



Neusugar Portable Travel Steamer

The Neusugar Portable Steamer is our overall favorite steamer for being extremely portable and light while still packing the ability to remove wrinkles from most fabric types. 

While the Neusugar may take a bit more work to steam out tough wrinkles and suffers from a very small water tank, we haven't had issues removing any wrinkles from clothes with the Neusugar. However, this can mean refilling the water tank a few times even just for a single article of clothing with a lot of wrinkles.

Thankfully, the Neusugar heats up quickly so if you find yourself needing to refill the water tank you shouldn't have to wait more than a few seconds to do so.

  • Effectiveness Score: 
  • Portability Score: 5
  • Weight Score: 5
  • Heating Speed Score: 4.5
  • OVERALL4.6


Beautful Portable Travel Steamer

A stronger option to the Neusugar is the Beautural Portable Steamer.

This larger and heavier alternative has a bigger water tank, slightly faster heating time, and removes tough wrinkles more easily than the Neusugar.

The larger water tank is your biggest gain here with the Beautural Portable Steamer which helps when steaming multiple garments or tough wrinkles. You'll also get just a bit more power and hotter steam too which adds another layer of ease when steaming.

Portable Travel Steamer Size Comparison

The downfall here is you'll be purchasing a bulkier and much less sleek-looking option if you go with Beautural.

  • Effectiveness Score: 4.5 
  • Portability Score: 4
  • Weight Score: 4
  • Heating Speed Score: 4.5
  • OVERALL4.25


Conair Portable Steamer

The Conair Handheld Steamer is double the size of the Neusugar but is perfect for those who have some extra space in their luggage.

The Conair is definitely bulky but if you're heading to a wedding or other important formal event and don't want to risk any creases in your clothes, the Conair Handheld Steamer is the perfect investment.

While just small and light enough for us to consider it in the portable/travel category the Conair packs a ton of strength and has been able to steam out any wrinkle we've thrown at it... and quickly too! 

  • Effectiveness Score:
  • Portability Score: 3
  • Weight Score: 3
  • Heating Speed Score: 4.5
  • OVERALL: 3.8



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