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Aquatica's Quick Queue Pass: All You Need to Know

In this guide, we'll go over what an Aquatica Quick Queue pass is, what it allows you to do, what rides it includes, and where to buy them.

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What is a An Aquatica Quick Queue Pass?

Quick queue is essentially Aquatica's fast pass system. It gives you access to a separate and faster line, in order to skip the regular line and spend more of your time riding your favorite rides rather than waiting.

aquatica orlando body slides

You'll simply receive a wristband after purchase and immediately begin riding your favorite rides.

The Quick Queue pass is an additional cost, and you will need an admission ticket to be able to use it.

How Does Quick Queue Work?

As long as you have your appropriate wristband, you can walk through the Quick Queue line, show the park attendant that you have access, and then just walk straight through the line all the way up to the ride

We should warn you that because having a Quick Queue pass means that you will skip the line, in Aquatica you will be climbing stairs and then immediately riding the ride, which can be add up to be quite a workout.

Included Rides

Quick Queue Unlimited

  • Reef Plunge
  • Riptide Race
  • Whanau Way
  • Omaka Rocka
  • Taumata Racer
  • Ihu's Breakway Falls
  • Tassie's Twisters
  • Kare Kare Curl

aquatica rides

Quick Queue Unlimited Plus

Everything the Quick Queue Unlimited offers plus:

  • One-time priority boarding: Ray Rush & Walhalla Wave

Price Changes By Day

It's important to note that prices will vary by day and season.

If you're planning to visit the park during the busy season (the summer season on the weekends), be prepared to pay more on Saturdays and Sundays in particular.

This is when the park is at its busiest, and the prices will reflect that as more visitors will want to skip the lines on these days.

aquatica quick queue price changes

Typically the weekdays will always be cheaper for Quick Queue passes.

When Should I Get an Aquatica Quick Queue Pass?

If you're visiting the park for one day, and the only time that you can visit is during the weekend, a Quick Queue pass will come in very handy.

As we mentioned, the weekends are typically the busiest time for the parks, which means the lines will also be longer.

When Should I Not Get a Aquatica Quick Queue Pass?

If you're able to visit the park during the weekdays, and you can get in early in the morning right when the water park opens.

A Quick Queue pass is specifically made to deal with not having to wait in lines, so if you're able to visit on a less crowded day, it may not be worth it for that visit.

Is Quick Queue at Aquatica Orlando Worth it?

Quick Queue is absolutely worth it if you're planning on visiting the park on a weekend.

It will save you countless hours, and you'll be able to experience the entire park with minimal wait times.

On top of that, you can ride your favorite rides as many times as you want. You can actually finish riding, and get right back in the Quick Queue line to ride again.

Where to Buy a Quick Queue Pass

You can purchase a Quick Queue pass directly from the Aquatica Orlando site.

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