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Aquatica Orlando's Parking: Everything You Need to Know

When you arrive at the parking lot, you'll realize there are multiple options available when parking at the Aquatica Orlando Park.

In this guide, we'll explain the available parking options, why you'd consider other parking options, and how to save money on parking.

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There are two types of parking options available at Aquatica Orlando, including:

  1. General Parking - $30
  2. Preferred Parking - $40
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    1. General Parking at Aquatica Orlando

    General Parking allows you to park your vehicle in the parking lot, at no specific spot, making it the least expensive parking option.

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    The earlier that you arrive at the park, the closer that you'll be able to park, as the crowd tends to arrive in the early afternoon.

    General Parking costs $30 for one car or motorcycle, and $40 for RV's.

    General Parking Costs More For RV's

    If you're planning on arriving at the park in an RV, the price for General Parking will be $40 due to the vehicle not being a standard-sized vehicle.

    If you're visiting during a busier season and are worried that there isn't enough room for your RV, you can call Aquatica's Customer Service number to find out the parking lot capacity: 407-545-5550.

    You're able to pre-pay for parking directly from the Aquatica Orlando official site.

    Consider Pre-Paying For Parking Before Arriving

    When you pre-pay for parking online, it's a much faster process as you can simply show the parking attendant your receipt, and quickly head to the parking lot to get your day started.

    Whereas if you decide to pay at the park, you'll have to spend a few minutes at the booth, as they process your payment, before providing you your receipt.

    2. Preferred Parking at Aquatica Orlando

    Aquatica's Preferred Parking provides a closer parking spot to the entrance gate of the park at a higher cost than General Parking.

    aquatica preferred parking

    After payment the parking attendant will place a Preferred Parking paper on your windshield, signaling to the rest of the Aquatica Staff that you are allowed to park in the Preferred Parking lot.

    You'll then be instructed to drive into a specific Preferred Parking Area (away from General parking), that will be located closer to the park.

    The main reason why visitors purchase Preferred Parking is to ensure that on busier days they don't end up parking at the back of the park, and having to walk a long way to and from the car.

    Where to Purchase a Parking Pass For Aquatica Orlando

    You can pre-pay for parking online directly from the Aquatica site, or the Aquatica app, or wait until you arrive at the parking lot and pay at the parking toll booth.

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