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Guest Pick Up & Drop Off at Animal Kingdom: All You Need to Know

Every day hundreds of visitors are dropped off and picked up at Animal Kingdom.

In this guide, we'll explain where the guest drop-off location is, how to get to the park after being dropped off, and where the pick-up location is.

Where is the Drop Off Location at Animal Kingdom?

Animal Kingdom's drop-off location is on the right side of the entrance of the park (past all of the parking spots) and near the bus station.

animal kingdom drop off location

Riders will pass General & Preferred parking spots on their way to the drop-off location.

This will be the same location where visitors can later be picked up as well.

Unlike Magic Kingdom's guest drop-off location, Animal Kingdom's drop-off spot is conveniently located feet away from the entrance, making it very easy for both drivers and visitors to seamlessly get to the park.


After being dropped off, visitors can simply follow the Animal Kingdom entrance signs that will take them directly in front of the entrance in 1-2 minutes of walking.

Visitors will need to go through the security checkpoint before they are able to enter the park.

animal kingdom entrance

Getting Picked Up From Animal Kingdom

After exiting the park, and moving past the gates, visitors can make an immediate left turn and follow the ride-share signs.

rideshare signs at animal kingdom

After passing the gates, visitors will see the tram pick-up location on the right-hand side, and the Lyft and Uber pick-up location on their left.

lyft pickup zone animal kingdom

It's important to know that the designated pick-up zone doesn't stretch all the way down the sidewalk, and there will be signs informing visitors of whether or not they're still in the designated zone.

animal kingdom pick up location and bus
animal kingdom sidewalk for guest pick up and drop off

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