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Best Days to Visit Animal Kingdom | Know Before You Go

In this page we'll go over the best day to visit Animal Kingdom, the best time of the day to visit, the best season to visit & even the worst season to visit along with reasons why.

    Best Days to Visit Animal Kingdom

    The best days to visit Animal Kingdom are Monday through Wednesday as it is typically much less crowded due to visitors from all over the world planning their trips around the weekend.  

    animal kingdom entrance

    Out-of-state visitors usually arrive on Thursdays, stay for the weekend, and then typically leave on Sunday and/or Monday.

    By going to the parks on Monday-Wednesday, you'll be able to avoid most of the crowds that can fill up the park quickly.

    This means less waiting in lines, and more experiencing the actual park.

    You'll want to be familiar with our Best Animal Kingdom tips to maximize your time and money.

    Best Time of the Day to Visit

    The best time of the day to visit Animal Kingdom is hands down as soon as the park opens.

    Animal Kingdom normally opens around 8 am, but you'll want to double-check their hours before visiting the park.

    animal kingdom tree

    Most theme parks don't fill up until the afternoon rolls around.

    This gives visitors a window of opportunity to enjoy the park with fewer crowds for a few hours. 

    Best Season to Visit

    The Florida weather can be brutal for those that aren't used to the sunshine state. Not only is there sunshine year-round but there's also a ton of humidity.

    Spring can be a great season to visit due to the cooler weather and lighter crowds.

    Ideally around May, right before any holidays such as Spring Break and Memorial Day weekend.

    There's normally a dead period in terms of crowds right before these holidays.

    Underrated Season to Visit

    Fall is one of the most overlooked seasons to visit! If you visit near Halloween, the park will go to tremendous lengths to match the Halloween spirit.

    animal kingdom halloween

    The park will be filled with Halloween decorations, the characters will be wearing Halloween-themed costumes, and there are even limited-time rides and events that pop up!

    If you're not a big fan of Halloween, you can visit in November the week before Thanksgiving. 

    The Halloween celebrations will have ended by this point, and the Thanksgiving crowds will not appear for another week or two.

    Worst Season to Visit

    The busiest season to visit Animal Kingdom is in the Summer.

    animal kingdom dinosaur skeleton

    Families normally plan their largest vacations around this time as the kids are out of school, and they want to head towards a sunny state to enjoy the theme park and the beaches.

    The downside to this is that the park will be extremely full, and the sun will be at its hottest.

    Additionally, the famous Florida afternoon showers are in full effect during the summer. 

    It can be completely sunny and the rain will still stop by for a visit every afternoon, like clockwork.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Animal Kingdom a Full Day Park?

    Yes, it absolutely is. Animal Kingdom is the largest single theme park in the world at 580 acres.

    You'll want to have a plan going into the park, to ensure that you're able to visit everything that you want to do. 

    Due to the size of the park, you'll want to visit everything that's located in one particular area, before moving on to the next area. This will save you a ton of time, compared to having to walk across the park to visit something that you missed, over and over again.

    What Day of the Week Is Animal Kingdom Least Crowded?

    Monday-Wednesdays are easily the least crowded days at the park. Most kids will be in school, and out-of-town families won't arrive until near the weekend.

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