Is Animal Kingdom Worth it? | Easily Explained

One of the more popular questions that we've received is whether certain theme parks are worth it or not.

In this page, we will breakdown what Animal Kingdom offers along with our personal experience to explain whether Animal Kingdom is worth it or not.

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Is Animal Kingdom Worth it?

Animal Kingdom is absolutely worth it, as it offers a complete theme park including rides, safari tours, shows, and various areas that you can simply walk through. It also features the massive and iconic 145 ft tree of life at the center of the park.

tree of life animal kingdom

One of the nicer features of Animal Kingdom is that it tailors to all ages. The visual aspect of the park, along with the safari tours and areas where guests can simply walk around (such as Pandora: World of Avatar) make it perfect for younger kids and families.

For teens and adults, there are many thrilling rides including Avatar Flight of Passage and Dinosaur that will create unforgettable experiences. Additionally, there are shows, and lounges for a more laid-back experience.

How Many Days Are You Spending at the Park?

If you're visiting a theme park, it's normally important to determine how long you plan to stay. This is important as you will be able to determine how many rides/shows you'll be able to visit and whether or not you'll get your money's worth.

expedition everest

Animal Kingdom normally takes a full day to visit the main attractions of the park, so you'll want to plan accordingly.

AK is typically open from 8 am to 8 pm, and at minimum, you'll want to spend 5 hours at the park for your visit. We've created Tips for Animal Kingdom for guests to know what are 'must-visit' during their stay.

If you plan on spending the entire day there, you'll want to know when the best day to visit Animal Kingdom is, in order to deal with less crowds, lines, and have a better overall experience.

What Animal Kingdom Offers

Animal Kingdom is split into 6 sections including Pandora - The World of Avatar, Oasis, Dinoland USA, Asia, Discovery Island & Africa. It is the largest theme park in the world at 230 acres.



The park focuses on animal conservation and is themed around the natural environment.

In each of these sections mentioned above, you'll find something unique. Some of the most popular rides and attractions in these sections include Avatar Flight of Passage, Oasis Exhibits, a Celebration Festival of the Lion King, DINOSAUR, Expedition Everest, and the Kali River Rapids.

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