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Where Can You Buy A Harry Potter Robe? | Best Stores To Buy From

Harry Potter robes are one of the most popular souvenirs to purchase at Universal Studios second only to wands.

We'll share some of the best locations to buy Harry Potter robes at Universal Studios, online, and a few ways to save money!

The Best Places To Buy A Harry Potter Robe:

  • Universal Studios Online Store
  • Dervish and Banges
  • Universal Studios Store
  • Amazon
  • TPC Best Pick: Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions
  • How Much Is A Harry Potter Robe At Universal Studios?
  • Harry Potter Robe Discounts & Deals!


Family of four wearing Harry Potter robes at Universal Studios

Universal Studios Online Store

The easiest way to purchase a Harry Potter robe is online at the Universal Studios Store which sells all of the Harry Potter robes available at the theme parks as well as wands and loads of other Harry Potter merchandise!

If you don’t have plans to visit the parks anytime soon or want to get a robe in advance of your visit then the online Universal Store is a great way to purchase a robe. 

The Universal Studios store will occasionally run a few specials or discounts on Harry Potter robes, but typically only for major shopping events such as Black Friday. Remember to check the website often if you're looking for any sales as they typically don't last for very long.

Dervish and Banges

Dervish and Banges sign

Located in Hogsmeade Village, Dervish and Banges is one of the most popular stops for all of your wizarding world needs including robes!

Dervish and Banges is one of the largest stores carrying Harry Potter merchandise on property, so you should have no problem finding a good collection of robes and other Harry Potter souvenirs at this location. 

Not to mention Dervish and Banges is heavily featured in the Harry Potter books and movies which will only add to the magic of purchasing your robe -- it'll feel like a moment right off the pages.

The Universal Studios Store

While it may be lacking any Harry Potter theming, The Universal Studios Store is one of the largest stores on Universal property that has all of the most popular souvenirs including robes.

The Universal Studios Store is typically less busy than the stores inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so if you're looking to quickly get in and out then The Universal Studios Store is a great option. 

The Universal Studios Store also tends to have special discounts and deals you won't find in Hogsmeade Village and Diagon Alley.

Discounts and special offers on Harry Potter robes are hard to come by, but if there is one location most likely to be offering any sort of deal it'll be The Universal Studios Store. 


Amazon is a surprisingly great option to purchase Harry Potter robes if you're looking to save some money!

Amazon has a huge variety of Harry Potter robes at many different price points.

Amazon has robes that are cheaper than what you might find at Universal, but these robes aren't always 100% authentic to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

If you don't mind a sacrifice in quality (and, sometimes, no sacrifice in quality) then Amazon might be worth considering for your next Harry Potter robe purchase.

Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions

Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions Storefront at Universal Studios Florida


Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions is hands down the most fun and magical location to purchase your Harry Potter robe.

Located in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida, Madam Malkin's has one of the largest selections of Harry Potter robes available at any location on Universal property.

The theming is also fantastic and one of our favorite stores to stop into even when we're not looking to buy robes.

Madam Malkin's also sells a variety of costumes from the films including Hermione Granger's Yule Ball dress, Professor Snape's robes, Gilderoy Lockheart's robes, and an assortment of Harry Potter-themed jewelry.

Unfortunately, Madam Malkin's is only at Universal Studios Florida and not Universal Studios Hollywood, but we've included a video tour of the shop below so everyone can see what Madam Malkin's has to offer!


How Much Is A Harry Potter Robe At Universal?

Adult and Youth size Harry Robes cost $139 before tax and are available in Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Gryffindor colors and crests.

Harry Potter Robe Discounts & Deals

Discounts on Harry Potter robes vary throughout the year, but typically these items don't see huge discounts or special offers. Being one of the most popular (and expensive) souvenirs there are only a couple of ways to currently save money on Harry Potter robes. 

  • 10% off for Universal Annual Passholders



How Much Is A Harry Potter Robe At Universal?

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