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When Does Grinchmas Start & End? | Updated Schedule

Grinchmas is quickly becoming one of the most popular Christmas-time theme parks events in the entire country.

Just like Halloween Horror Nights and other seasonal events you can only catch the Grinchmas festivities for a limited time.

Our guide keeps track of Grinchmas start and end dates at both Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood, so you can plan your visit accordingly!

Questions We'll Answer About Grinchmas:

  • When Does Grinchmas Start & End at Universal Orlando?
  • When Does Grinchmas Start & End at Universal Studios Hollywood?

The Grinch and his dog sitting unhappily on a chair

When Does Grinchmas Start & End at Universal Orlando?

Grinchmas at Universal Orlando will start on November 12th, 2022 and end on January 1st 2023. 

This gives you roughly one and a half months to enjoy all of the Grinchmas festivities at Universal's Islands of Adventure

Unlike Universal's other major season event, Halloween Horror Nights, Grinchmas is included with every ticket to Universal's Islands of Adventure.

Girl with a Grinchmas Hat

Grinchmas is also takes place everyday during this stretch of time and not only on select dates like Halloween Horror Nights. 

Grinchmas typically always begins in mid-November and runs through early January just a couple of weeks after Universal wraps up Halloween Horror Nights. 

After Halloween Horror Nights concludes, Universal takes the time to reset the parks and begin preparing everything needed for the festive Grinchmas and Christmas season!

When Does Grinchmas Start & End at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Over at Universal Studios Hollywood, Grinchmas begins slightly later on November 25th 2022 and then concludes on January 1st 2023.

You'll have just over a month to celebrate the season with the Grinch himself and The Whos!

Grinch Singing during Grinchmas

The event also takes place throughout the entire day, every day during this period!

All Grinchmas festivities are including with a Universal Studios Hollywood ticket purchase during this time of year, so no need to look for separate tickets like you would need to for Halloween Horror Nights. 



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