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Is Universal Studios Crowded on Christmas Day? | Explained

Figuring out how busy a park will be during the day(s) that you plan to visit is extremely important, as it can positively or negatively affect your experience.

In this page, we will cover if Universal Studios is busy on Christmas Day.

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Is Universal Studios Crowded on Christmas Day?

Whether you're visiting Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando Resort, the week leading up to Christmas day, actual Christmas day, and the week after are the busiest, if not the busiest time of the year for the parks.

christmas tree globes

You'll want to ensure that you arrive early before opening, and consider purchasing a Universal Express Pass to spend less times waiting in lines.

This is prime-time for adults visitors to take off of work for vacation, and for the younger visitors to be out of school, leading to a very busy park.

Using a Crowd Calendar to Plan

A crowd calendar is one of the most useful tools that you can use when planning your visit or vacation to a theme park.

A crowd calendar will show you when the park is busy or calm per day throughout the year. 

It uses historical visitor data from previous years to figure out what days, weeks and months the park has been busy, average or empty.

This is an extremely useful tool as you can use reliable data to go during a calmer week, or even just mentally prepare yourself for a busier visit, and take the appropriate steps ahead of time to have a better experience. 

Universal Studios Hollywood Crowds

When we take a look at the Crowd Calendar for USH during July, you'll see that Christmas week is historically busy, and even busier on the weekend.

USH Christmas week crowds

Unfortunately the crowds remain steady throughout the week following Christmas. You can see below that the park is still very busy about a week later on New Year's Eve.

USH new year crowds

Universal Orlando Resort Crowds

Universal Orlando crowds are very similar, which you can see on the UO Crowd Calendar.

Universal Studios Wait Times

Wait times at Universal Studios Hollywood can be drastically different each month of the year.

Some rides are much more popular than others, a 30 minute wait for one ride might be considered short while a 30 minute wait for another might be considered long.

In this article, we group rides into three categories: Top, Middle, and Low to get a better idea of what the average wait times for these rides look like each month, specifically in July.