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When Does Disneyland Switch From Halloween To Christmas? | Holiday Guide

Christmas at Disneyland is unlike anywhere else with multiple 30+ foot Christmas trees, hundreds of unique decorations, and thousands of glowing lights!

The holiday season is one of the most popular times to visit Disneyland and you definitely don’t want to miss seeing the decorations, so it’s important to keep in mind when Disneyland switches over from Halloween to Christmas.  

Questions We'll Answer About Disneyland During Christmas:

  • How Long Does Halloween Last At Disneyland?
  • When Does Disneyland Switch From Halloween to Christmas?
  • How Long Does Christmas Last At Disneyland?

Sleeping Beauty's castle with christmas lights

How Long Does Halloween Last At Disneyland?

Halloween at Disneyland runs from very early September (typically no later than the 3rd or 4th) until Halloween day, October 31st.

The Halloween decorations will still be on display for a few days following October 31st, but special events, food, and character meetings will end immediately after Halloween day.  

Mickey shaped pumpkin Halloween decoration at Disneyland

While you will still have a few days to catch some Halloween decorations after October 31st, many decorations will quickly start to be taken down, so don't expect to see the entire display if you aren't able to make it to Halloween in September or October. 

Your best bet to see the Halloween decorations and festivities out in full force is to visit Disneyland in mid-September to any time in October. 

When Does Disneyland Switch From Halloween to Christmas?

The switch from Halloween to Christmas begins just a few days after Halloween.

Within the first few days of November Disneyland will begin to take down the Halloween and begin replacing them with Christmas decorations!

Disneyland will take the next two weeks to install hundreds of Christmas decorations including a 30+ foot tall tree and thousands of glimmering Christmas lights! 

You can catch a lot of the Christmas decorations on display in early November, but the Christmas celebration at Disneyland doesn't officially begin until closer to mid-November.

Haunted Mansion with Holiday decorations

The official date of when Christmas begins at Disneyland changes every year, but typically falls between November 10th - November 15th. 

Once Christmas officially begins at Disneyland it's easily the most magical time of year to visit.

Christmas music plays throughout the park, your favorite Disney characters are wearing their Christmas outfits and in the evening the park glows with Christmas magic as thousands of Christmas lights illuminate.

There are also dozens of other limited-time offerings for Christmas at Disneyland including festive food and drink, special ride overlays (Haunted Mansion Holiday and It's a Small World Holiday) as well as Christmas parades and firework shows! 

How Long Does Christmas Last At Disneyland?

After kicking off in mid-November, Christmas time at Disneyland typically lasts until early January.

January 6th has been a common final day for Disneyland to conclude its Christmas celebration as January 6th is also Three Kings Day which marks the last of the "12 Days of Christmas".

Nutcrackers in a parade at Disneyland

After January 6th (or whichever day Disneyland officially concludes its Christmas festivities) the Christmas lights, decorations, and the tree will remain on display for a few days, but may not always be fully illuminated.

Shortly after though the Christmas decorations will begin to disappear as Disneyland begins to return to its normal park atmosphere.

If you're hoping to be fully immersed in the Christmas celebrations at Disneyland then we recommend visiting in late November or anytime in December for a truly fantastic experience!



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