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What Airport Do You Fly Into For Cabo San Lucas? | Explained

Booking a flight to the wrong airport can quickly make or break a vacation.

In this page, we will explain which airport is the best to fly into when visiting Cabo.

What Airport Do You Fly Into For Cabo San Lucas?

There are two airports in Cabo, however, the airport that you'll fly into is Los Cabos International Airport (SJD).

what airport to fly into for cabo The other airport, Cabo San Lucas (CSL), is private.

What to Expect When Landing in SJD

If you're flying from the United States (or Internationally), once you land at SJD and disembark the plane, you'll immediately have to go through the first part of customs.

You'll want to have your passport and arrival form that you were handed in the plane, in hand.

us passport

You'll stand in line until you make your way to the front of the line.

When it's your turn, you'll then be called up by the customs officer, and they'll examine your passport and arrival form, and clear you through.

After this, you'll head through the doors, pick up your checked bag, and head through the second part of customs.

Exiting the Airport

Once you clear through customs, you'll pass sliding doors in a room, before actually exiting the airport.

In this small room, there are a dozen Timeshare salesmen that will immediately come up to you to get your attention.

If you are interested in Timeshare, this may be a great opportunity for you.

However, if you're not, you'll want to politely say 'no thank you' and leave the airport through the second set of sliding doors.

As soon as you exit the airport, you'll immediately notice that two bars offer food and drinks.

If you're waiting for the rest of your party to arrive, this is an ideal place to wait, as, after landing, there's nothing on that side of the airport besides customs and currency exchange.

Flying Back Home Through SJD

After you are dropped off back at Los Cabos International Airport, you'll need to find your airline, check in to your flight, and check in your bags (if you have any).

From there, you'll head upstairs and go through security.

Once you clear security, you can head directly to your gate and wait for your flight.

If you have a Priority Pass, you'll have access to the VIP Lounge located on the left side of the food court.

vip lounge los cabos

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