How is the Cabo Weather in December? | Know Before You Go

Cabo is one of the most popular destinations in the world, but how is the weather in December?

In this page, we will explain what weather to expect during your visit to Cabo.

How is the Cabo Weather in December?

The weather in Cabo in the month of December ranges between 72-78 degrees, which is exactly why Cabo is such a popular destination for this month.

how is the cabo weather in december

When we recently visited in early December, it was sunny with only a few thin clouds in the sky for the entire five days.

Cabo's consistent mid 70's weather throughout the month is also the perfect temperature to easily walk on the sand.


Other tropical places that we've visited that range in the high 80s and even 90s, are beautiful but have one problem.

You can't walk on the sand for long periods (without footwear) due to how hot the sand is.

Luckily this isn't an issue in Cabo, and even the water temperature is fantastic.

It is just cold enough to cool you down (after being in the sun all day), but not too cold where you don't want to stay in the water.

cabo view of pool and beach

Does it Rain in Cabo in December?

It can rain in Cabo in December but it's very rare.

During our visit for almost a week, there was no hint of rain, and very few clouds in the sky.

If you take a look at Cabo's forecast in December by day, every day has below a 2% chance of rain.

cabo weather forecast

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