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Is It Worth Getting an All Inclusive Hotel In Cabo? | Explained

Every visitor who has planned a vacation to Cabo has asked themselves the same question.

Is it worth getting an All Inclusive package at a hotel when visiting?

In this page, we will explain whether or not it's worth it, the pros and cons of each option, and what you should consider when making the decision.

cabo all inclusive resort

Is It Worth Getting All Inclusive In Cabo?

It is absolutely worth getting an All Inclusive package when visiting Cabo, Mexico. In fact, I'd recommend only considering hotels that have All Inclusive packages.

It ultimately depends on a few personal factors:

  • How much time do you plan to actually spend at the resort?
  • Are you picky when it comes to food and drinks?
  • Do you mind paying a higher upfront cost?

Pros of All-Inclusive Packages

  • All food and drinks are already paid for
  • You can get as many plates and drinks without an additional charge
  • There are multiple (convenient) locations where you can get food and drinks around the entire resort
  • They have everything that you need for a relaxing vacation

One of the most underrated perks of staying at an All Inclusive resort is the peace of mind.

There's no need to take your wallet or phone (unless you want to) anywhere.

hotel riu baja california pool and view

Wristband is All That You Need

You'll simply be handed a wristband at check-in, and that's all that you'll need at the resort to freely walk around, eat, drink, or even hang out at the pool.

Wide Range of Food and Drinks

Although there's a pre-selected menu for food and drinks, it's a very extensive menu.

You'll have a wide range of options to choose from every day. Additionally, there's a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu in a buffet style.

Additionally, you're able to get a second, third, and fourth plate at no extra charge.

Just like food, you'll be able to get unlimited drinks at any time of the day.

The reality is that at an All Inclusive resort, you don't need to go anywhere else, as the resort provides all of the essential needs for a great stay.

Cons of All-Inclusive Packages

  • You may have to wait in line for food and drinks
  • You can't request special food/drinks, as you'll choose from a pre-selected menu
  • Buffet has a set range of times throughout the day
  • Activities will cost extra

If you're a picky eater, the good news is that there's a wide range of food to choose from at the buffet.

However, the bad news is that most resorts use the same menu for every day of your visit.

If you're spending 4 days at the resort, and you're eating 3 meals a day, there's a chance that you may end up eating similar food that you've already eaten, by the fourth day.

Buffet Has a Set Range of Times


Times at resorts typically goes something like this:

  • Breakfast: 7 AM-10:30 AM
  • Lunch: 12:30 PM-4 PM
  • Dinner: 6 PM-10 PM

buffet cabo all inclusive resort

Although there's unlimited food with a wide range of options, the buffet has to close for a few hours, when they transition from breakfast to lunch, and from lunch to dinner.

During those times, the buffet is closed, however, all of the other 'Food stations' (where you can grab a quick bite to eat without sitting down at a table) around the resort will remain open.

Activities Will Cost Extra

Although it's an All Inclusive resort, there will be additional activities that you'll be able to do around the resort such as access to the spa, on the water activities.

You should be aware that these activities will be at an additional cost.

How Long Do You Plan On Being at the Resort?

One of the most important questions that you'll need to have the answer to is what percentage of your vacation will you spend at the resort?

This is not including the time that you'll spend sleeping at the resort.

hotel riu baja california bed

So, if you're planning on sleeping 8 hours at the resort, out of the 16 remaining hours, how many hours will you be at the resort?

If the answer is at least over 50%, you should consider staying at an All Inclusive resort.

If it's less, you should consider looking at alternative options.

The reason for this is that the entire point of an All Inclusive resort is to pay a higher price upfront, for convenience and having all of your essential needs covered in the hotel without paying anything extra throughout your stay.

If you plan to be out exploring the city or doing different activities (outside of the resort) every day, the cost of this type of resort may not be worth it to you.

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