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Universal Studios Locations | All Current & Upcoming Universal Parks!

Beginning with just one theme park in 1964, Universal Studios has now grown to over a half dozen theme park locations around the world with aggressive expansion plans to add even more!

Our Universal Studios Locations Guide details all of the current Universal theme park locations as well as where new Universal theme parks are in the works. 

Questions We'll Answer About Universal Studios:

  • How Many Universal Studios Theme Parks Are In The World?
  • Where Are All Universal Studios Theme Parks Located?
  • Where Are Upcoming Universal Theme Parks Going To Be Located?

 Universal Studios Hollywood Entryway

How Many Universal Studios Theme Parks Are In The World?

There are currently 7 total theme parks under the Universal Studios umbrella (otherwise known as Universal Destinations & Experiences) in the world.

This includes six traditional theme parks and one waterpark, Volcano Bay, which Universal also refers to as a full-fledged theme park.

Where Are All Universal Studios Theme Parks Located?

Universal Parks & Resorts are scattered across two continents, five cities with six different theme parks, one waterpark, and more on the way! 

Universal Studios theme parks are concentrated in the United States and Asia with four parks in the United States and three located in Asia.

The Universal theme parks located in the United States are:

  • Universal Studios Florida (Orlando, FL)
  • Islands of Adventure (Orlando, FL)
  • Volcano Bay (Orlando, FL)
  • Universal Studios Hollywood (Universal City, CA)

Universal Studios Florida Entrance

Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay are all part of the Universal Orlando Resort property, while Universal Studios Hollywood is a standalone park located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. 

The Universal parks located in Asia are:

Each of the Universal Studios locations in Asia are standalone theme parks similar to Universal Studios Hollywood with only a CityWalk and a hotel or two part of the theme park property. 

Universal Parks & Resorts have aggressive expansion plans in the works with new theme parks being planned for multiple locations in the United States as well as Asia!

Universal Beijing Resort Logo

Where Are Upcoming Universal Theme Parks Going To Be Located?

Universal is actively working on three new theme parks - two in the United States and one in Asia! 

Universal Orlando will be expanding to three theme parks and one water park with the addition of Universal's Epic Universe theme park.

Universal's Epic Universe is projected to open in the Summer of 2025 and will be the newest theme park to open in Orlando since Volcano Bay in May 2017

Also adding to the list of Universal theme parks over the next few years will be a brand new theme park and Universal property in Texas known as Universal Kids Resort!

Universal Texas Concept Art

Located in the city of Frisco, this Universal theme park will be a much more scaled-down version of the Universal Studios theme parks we're already familiar with.

This park will also have a much younger target audience than other Universal theme parks, with most attractions being designed for those between 3 - 9 years of age.  

The Universal Texas property will also be the first domestic Universal property (or Disney for that matter) located outside of the states of Florida or California.

Hogwarts Express train

When it comes to global expansion, Universal Studios will be building a second theme park at Universal Studios Beijing. 

Universal Beijing will be the first Universal property in Asia to have two theme parks as part of its overall resort property. Little is known about this second Universal park in Beijing, but Universal is far into the planning stages with construction slated to being in the coming years. 



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