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Where To Find Dole Whip at Universal Studios | All Locations!

While Dole Whip is typically associated with Disney, you can in fact find this tasty pineapple soft serve treat at Universal Studios as well! 

The guide tracks where Dole Whip is available at Universal Studios, so you can easily satisfy those cravings on your next visit to Universal! 

Questions We'll Answer About Dole Whip At Universal Studios:

  • How Is Universal Studios Allowed To Sell Dole Whip?
  • Where Can You Find Dole Whip at Universal Orlando?
  • Can You Find Dole Whip at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Universal Studios Globe

How Is Universal Studios Allowed To Sell Dole Whip?

With Dole Whip being so iconic to Disney you might be wondering if Universal is even allowed to sell Dole Whip at their theme parks. 

The answer is simply yes they can - because Disney doesn't own Dole Whip or have any exclusivity agreements with the Dole company! 

Not only is pineapple Dole Whip served at Universal Studios, you can actually find at other locations such as sports arenas and everyday ice cream shops. 

You can actually go ahead and purchase the pineapple Dole Whip soft serve mixture on Amazon or restaurant supply stores to make it in your own home!

Pineapple Dole Whip Mixture


This is the same mixture Disney and Universal use, you'll just need a soft serve machine to make it of course! 

Where Can You Find Dole Whip at Universal Orlando?

Dole Whip can actually be found at both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure in Orlando! 

Starting off at Universal Studios, Dole Whip can be purchased in a cup or a cone at Schwab's Pharmacy. We've given it a try ourselves and it tastes exactly like the Dole Whip you'll find at Walt Disney World!

Schwab's is located in the Hollywood section of Universal Studios which is just a short walk from the entrance of the park after taking an immediate right turn. 

Map of Universal Studios showing where Schwab's Pharmacy is located

Over at Islands of Adventure you can also find Dole Whip served at Wimpy's!

Wimpy's is a quick service dining location in the Toon Lagoon area towards the back left corner of Islands of Adventure. 

Wimpy's is most notable known as a quick spot for cheeseburgers, chicken tenders and fries, but a little known fact is Dole Whip is also served! 

Just like at Schwab's you can grab your pineapple Dole Whip in either a cup or a cone to enjoy. 

Cup of Dole Whip Ice Cream

Can You Find Dole Whip at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Dole Whip can be found in Menchies at Universal CityWalk, but not inside the park!

The treat was previously available for a short time at the Isla-Nu Bar near Jurassic Park, but it hasn't appeared back at Universal Studios Hollywood for some time now. 

If you're craving Dole Whip then remember to grab it on your way in or out of the park!



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