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Dole Whip At Disneyland | Best Locations & Discounts!

Dole Whip is probably one of the most popular treats at Disneyland, but it's also quite hard to find!

Our Disneyland Dole Whip Guide details where you can find Dole Whip across Disneyland property, as well as an analysis of where the best Dole Whip is served and how to save some money on this sweet treat!

Questions We'll Answer About Dole Whip At Disneyland:

  • Where Can You Buy Dole Whip At Disneyland?
  • Where Can You Buy Dole Whip At California Adventure?
  • Best Places To Buy Dole Whip From At Disneyland!
  • How To Save Money On Dole Whip!

 Disneyland Main Street Railroad

Where Can You Buy Dole Whip At Disneyland?

Dole Whip currently can only be found at two locations inside Disneyland as well as one location in the Downtown Disney area.

Dole Whip is currently served at the following locations: 

  • Tiki Juice Bar: Near the front entrance of Adventureland next to The Enchanted Tiki Room
  • Tangaroa Terrace: Near the pool at The Disneyland Hotel
  • The Tropical Hideaway: Tucked away in Adventureland, closest to Jungle Cruise

As more areas sell Dole Whip (or stop selling Dole Whip), we'll update this section.

Jungle Cruise Ride Sign

Where Can You Buy Dole Whip At California Adventure?

It may be hard to believe, but you currently can't buy Dole Whip at California Adventure!

While there are a variety of soft-serve flavors sold at California Adventure, you aren't going to find pineapple offered as one of these flavors.

You're going to need to head over to Disneyland for that Dole Whip craving, or to the Disneyland Hotel (which sells Dole Whip at Tangaroa Terrace) if you don't have a ticket valid for both California Adventure and Disneyland.

Cars Land at California Adventure

Best Places To Buy Dole Whip From At Disneyland!

We stand by the fact that not all Dole Whip is the same and there are locations at Disneyland that seem to put a little extra love in their Dole Whip than others.

If you're a fan of soft serve in general then you may have noticed this when purchasing the treat at Disneyland. Sometimes the texture or strength of the flavor isn't quite there.

This has to do with either an older machine being used, an unbalanced mix of powder, or the temperature of the machine being just a bit off. 

Pirates of the Carribean Ride Exterior

Below we've ranked where we've consistently had the best Dole Whip soft serve at Disneyland:

  1. The Tropical Hideaway
  2. Tangaroa Terrace
  3. Tiki Juice Bar

While it may be shocking to many that we ranked the ever-popular Tiki Juice Bar in last place - that doesn't mean the Dole Whip served here is bad, it's simply just not as good as the other two locations.

Tangaroa Terrace also has an added perk to keep in mind when purchasing Dole Whip, which we'll detail in the next section.

We recommend trying out the other two locations on our list next time you're at Disneyland! You might just find their Dole Whip to be a tad better than the usual Tiki Juice Bar Dole Whip!

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How To Save Money On Dole Whip

There's only one way and one place to save money on Dole Whip at Disneyland!

Magic Key holders can save 15% on their Dole Whip purchase, but only when they dine at Tangaroa Terrace.

Tom Sawyer Boat

None of the other Dole Whip locations currently offer a discount!

So if you have some flexibility as to where you'll purchase your next cup of Dole Whip, head to Tangaroa Terrace to save some money!



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