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Universal CityWalk Halloween | Events & What To Expect

Universal Studios is known for going all out during Halloween with their Halloween Horror Night events, but you should expect a much different experience at CityWalk Hollywood and CityWalk Orlando during Halloween.

Our CityWalk Halloween Guide tracks all things Halloween at Universal CityWalk including what events and activities you can expect as well as some helpful tips and rules to be aware of.

Questions We'll Answer About Universal CityWalk During Halloween:

  • Does Universal CityWalk Have Halloween Decorations?
  • Is There Trick-Or-Treating At Universal CityWalk
  • Are There Any Special Halloween Events At Universal CityWalk?
  • Are Halloween Costumes Or Masks Allowed At Universal CityWalk?

 Universa Studios Hollywood CityWalk Sign

Does Universal CityWalk Have Halloween Decorations?

While Universal Studios is decked out in Halloween as part of its annual Halloween Horror Nights event, Universal CityWalk Orlando and Universal CityWalk Hollywood don't have much in terms of Halloween decorations.

It's worth noting though that even at Universal Studios the park doesn't really come to life with Halloween theming until Halloween Horror Nights begins, so if you're visiting the park during the day you're not going to be able to fully enjoy the Halloween decorations. 

Some of the stores and restaurants throughout CityWalk may have Halloween decorations outside their storefront but don't expect anything elaborate.

Universal Studios Hollywood Clobe

In fact, the Halloween decorations placed outside of these stores and restaurants typically go unnoticed. 

You may also see some advertisements and signs for Halloween Horror Nights placed throughout CityWalk, but these don't count or feel like Halloween decorations.

If you're looking for Halloween decorations then we recommend skipping CityWalk as you'll likely be disappointed.

CityWalk Hollywood Walkway

Is There Trick-Or-Treating At Universal CityWalk

Unfortunately, there is no trick-or-treating at Universal CityWalk Hollywood or Universal CityWalk Orlando.

You also won't find any sort of trick-or-treating at Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Florida, or Islands of Adventure.

When it comes to Halloween, Universal puts all of its efforts and focus into Halloween Horror Nights and not much else.

Given how incredible of an event Halloween Horror Nights is, we don't blame them for putting all of their resources into this event and not offering too much else in terms of Halloween experiences. 

CityLoft Sign

Are There Any Special Halloween Events At Universal CityWalk?

When it comes to Halloween events at Universal CityWalk Orlando and CityWalk Hollywood, there isn't going to be much. 

In 2022 the former Red Coconut Club space at CityWalk in Orlando became the Dead Coconut Club with classic Universal monsters (think Frankenstein and Dracula) throughout the club.

Special Halloween-themed drinks were also served and it became the sole Halloween attraction at Universal CityWalk in Orlando.

Welcome to Universal Orlando Resort Sign

Outside of Dead Coconut Club there haven't been any other Halloween events at CityWalk.

Over at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood, there have been even fewer options available... zero to be exact!

Halloween Horror Nights continues to be the main Halloween attraction on Universal property so CityWalk has mostly been lacking in anything Halloween-themed over the last few years. 

CityWalk Lake View

Are Halloween Costumes Or Masks Allowed At Universal CityWalk?

Halloween costumes and masks are taken very seriously at CityWalk Hollywood and Citywalk Orlando.

Under no circumstances can you wear a Halloween costume or mask to CityWalk.

While you may see some people wearing Harry Potter robes at Universal, nothing beyond this is allowed.

Masks also aren't allowed on property unless they are for medical or religious purposes - costume masks that cover your entire face won't make it through security. 

Sorting Hat

While this is a bummer, it's done for the safety of fellow guests and Universal employees. During Halloween Horror Nights it would be very hard to distinguish who is a guest or an actual Universal employee if everyone was allowed to wear masks or costumes. 

We also don't recommend bringing any props to CityWalk especially if it resembles a weapon in any way or form. This is another policy Universal takes very seriously.

Play it safe and leave the costumes, masks, and props at home when visiting Universal CityWalk!



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