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Is EPCOT Worth it? | Know Before You Go

One of the more popular questions that we've received is whether certain theme parks are worth it or not.

In this page, we will break down what EPCOT offers along with our personal experience to explain whether EPCOT is worth it or not.

is epcot worth it

    Is EPCOT Worth it?

    EPCOT is absolutely worth visiting as it is one of the most unique theme parks in the world. It not only offers rides and shows but limited-time events such as the Food and Wine Festival, and 'Drinking Around the World'. 

    epcot food and wine festival food

     This park is focused on the celebration of human achievement and international culture.

    Although this park has plenty of thrilling rides to offer, it is also a fantastic place for visitors who would like to walk around at a slower pace and sightsee.

    epcot test track

    How Many Days Are You Spending at EPCOT?

    If you're visiting a theme park, it's normally important to determine how long you plan to stay.

    This is important as you will be able to determine how many rides/shows you'll be able to visit and whether or not you'll get your money's worth.

    EPCOT normally takes a full day to visit the main attractions of the park, so you'll want to plan accordingly and know the best day to visit EPCOT.

    epcot future park

    EPCOT is over double the size of Magic Kingdom (300 acres vs 107 acres), which means visitors will want to bring their walking shoes, as well as account for the time that they will walk during their visit when planning their itinerary.

    Another factor to account for is knowing which rides have the longest lines at EPCOT.

    Chances are, that your favorite ride will have a wait time.

    What EPCOT Offers

    Future World

    Is the portion of the park that focuses on innovation and technology. It details Walt's vision through unique architecture and design.

    Here, you'll be able to find popular rides such as Test Track, Mission: Space, and The Seas With Nemo & Friends.

    Future World can be found straight ahead, right after entering the main entrance of the park.

    World Showcase

    This portion of the park is exactly what it sounds like, as this area features different countries.

    In each country, you'll find authentic food, drinks, and even live experiences. They do a great job of providing guests with a real-life experience around the world.

    As you walk around from country to country, you'll immediately see everything flip in seconds, ranging from the types of building architecture to the types of food that are offered.

    epcot future world


    One of our favorite rides, Soarin' is a flight motion simulator that will take riders high into the air showcasing the beauties of the world.

    soarin epcot

    Guests will begin in the Swiss Alps, travel above the Pyramids of Egypt, and even see the Wall of China!

    To top it all off, this ride uses artificial winds and aromas, to give guests the most realistic experience possible.

    It will genuinely feel as if you're traveling the world at high speeds, heading directly from one trademark destination to another seamlessly.

    Food & Wine Festival

    epcot food and wine festival sign

    The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is an annual food festival at Epcot, where visitors will be able to country-hop and experience amazing authentic food and drinks from different cultures.

    This festival normally occurs in the fourth quarter of the year through November.

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