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3 Best Theme Parks in Buffalo NY | Easily Explained

The city of Buffalo also has some very underrated theme parks that many visitors aren't aware of.

In this page, we will explain what the best theme parks in Buffalo, NY are, and what makes them the best.

Table of Contents

  1. Six Flags Darien Lake
  2. The Buffalo Zoo
  3. Niagara Amusement Park and Splash World

1. Six Flags Darien Lake

Known as the 'Thrill Capital of the World', Six Flags has built a reputation of having amazing rides that visitors from all over the world travel to, to experience for themselves.

What This Park Offers

Six Flags Darien Lake is no different, as this massive 1,200 acre theme park features 8 thrilling roller coasters, and 45 total rides.

It also features a water park, and a campground and lodging area.

Having opened in 1982, it is one of the veteran parks in the country, and an absolute classic.

Best Ride at the Park

Ride of Steel is by far the best ride of this entire park, reaching 70+ miles per hour and climbing 200+ feet.

This hypercoaster showcases amazing airtime moments, sharp turns, and very smooth straight sections throughout the ride.

Additionally, parts of the ride will be over the water as well, providing an amazing view for riders.

You can see for yourself, below.

Stay For the Light Show

At the end of the day, this Six Flags park showcases an amazing light show that not many visitors know about.

In the dark, this light show fill feature fog, fire, lasers and even projections.

Some theme parks have fireworks at the end of the day, and Darien Lake has lightshows!

The Park Name Has Changed Over the Years

This park has an interesting history as it was originally a Six Flags park during its early days, but would then be acquired by another company, and the park would lose its Six Flags name.

However, in recent years it would once again become Six Flags Darien Lake.

It's worth mentioning that recently, they've undergone extensive renovations to improve the park.

2. The Buffalo Zoo

As the 7th oldest zoo in the United States, having opened in 1875 the Buffalo Zoo is another true classic.

This 23.5 acre zoo features 1,200 animals, and 300+ species of plants.

The Buffalo Zoo is not only a great attraction, but it's extremely educational for both adults and kids.

Although this zoo is not that large, it's very well designed.

There are short walks in between the exhibits which makes it simple for visitors to find animals in their designated areas.

Some of the best parts of this park include:

  • Polar bear cubs: Luna & Kali
  • The extended tours
  • Sea Lion exhibit
  • Lion exhibit
  • Gorilla exhibit

3. Niagara Amusement Park and Splash World

Located only 12.6 miles from Buffalo, the Niagara Amusement park and Splash World is a must-visit park.

This newly renovated park is an 85 acre theme park features 3 roller coasters, a water park, and a KOA campground.

There is an emphasis on the water park, as the owners have made a tremendous effort to get this area perfected.

The water park includes:

  • 4 water slides
  • Lazy river
  • Children's play-pool

This park has undergone multiple ownership transfers in recent years, but many visitors have patiently awaited its re-opening.

Fun Fact: This park used to be known as Fantasy Island in the past.

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