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Tampa RiverWalk Parking | Best Free & Paid Locations

Parking at the Tampa RiverWalk is quite confusing given the variety of options and numerous ways to access the RiverWalk.

Our Tampa RiverWalk Guide details where you can park for RiverWalk access and where our favorite spots are!

Questions We'll Answer About Tampa RiverWalk Parking:

  • Is There Designated Parking Locations For The Tampa RiverWalk?
  • Where Should You Park For The Tampa RiverWalk?
  • Best Paid RiverWalk Parking Locations 
  • Best Free RiverWalk Parking Locations


Pam Iorio Garage

Are There Designated Parking Locations For The Tampa RiverWalk?

The Tampa RiverWalk spans a few miles long and there are no parking lots or spaces specifically designated for RiverWalk visitors.

While there are no parking locations reserved for the RiverWalk, there are over a dozen different places to park just a short walk to the Riverwalk, which we'll cover later in this guide!

Where Should You Park For The Tampa RiverWalk?

We recommend parking somewhere near the "beginning" or "end" of the Tampa RiverWalk. 

The beginning of the RiverWalk is near Sparkman Wharf, while the end of the RiverWalk is at Armature Works

Tampa Sign

Parking at the beginning or the end of the RiverWalk allows you to walk the entire span of the river without too much back and forth. 

You'll also be sure to see all that the RiverWalk has to offer by parking in either of these two locations. 

Best Paid RiverWalk Parking Locations 


The Sparkman Wharf Lot, also known as the Garrison Street Parking Lot, is at the South East most end of the RiverWalk.

The location situated at one of the ends of the RiverWalk make it a great starting point to begin your stroll and explore everything the RiverWalk has to offer. It's a popular spot for those looking to explore the RiverWalk, as well as Sparkman Wharf, so it's well-trafficked and generally a safe place to leave your car. 

You'll also find parking relatively affordable here, except on major event days (like Tampa Bay Lightning games) where there is typically a set event fee which can be quite high.


The Pam Iorio Garage is located adjacent to the Amalie Arena and JW Marriott Hotel.

The benefit of parking at the Pam Iorio Garage is that it's a covered garage (protecting your car from the brutal Florida sun) and relatively cheap. Similarly to the Sparman Wharf/Garrison Street Lot, you might struggle to find parking here when there is an event at the Amalie Arena or find parking fees to be a bit higher.

Pam Iorio Garage Sign

The RiverWalk can be accessed through the Marriott Water Street Hotel across from the garage or at the Tampa Convention Center. Both of these areas are excellent starting points that only put you passed a very small portion of the RiverWalk.

The Pam Iorio Garage is our favorite spot when to park when visiting the Tampa RiverWalk because of its great location and affordable price. While you do miss a very small portion of the RiverWalk, most of the popular shops, and restaurants along the RiverWalk will still be ahead of you.


The Tampa Convention Center Garage is another great spot to park when visiting the RiverWalk.

The garage is located just steps away from the RiverWalk and is one of the most convenient ways to access it. The Tampa Convention Center Garage is also one of the safer places to park your car because TCC security is usually quite active.

Tampa Convention Center

We haven't had any issues with break-ins, but if you're concerned about leaving your car in the area then the TCC is probably one of the safest places to park.

The only issue with the Tampa Convention Center Garage is it's often reserved for events in the convention center or will have a higher fee than the Pam Iorio Garage or Garrison Street Parking Lot. 

Because of this inconsistency, it's hard to predict if the TCC Garage will be open or what price you'll pay to park there, but it's worth checking out if you're looking for one of the most convenient places to leave your car when exploring the Tampa RiverWalk.

Best Free RiverWalk Parking Locations

ARMATURE WORKS (select days/times only)

Armature Works, the extremely popular dining hall in Tampa, typically has free parking on weekday mornings and afternoons.

It's also located on the more northwest end of the RiverWalk giving you the entirety of the path to explore. You'll also of course be parking at Armature Works which has tons of different great restaurants and bars to enjoy!

Parking here is uncovered and it's not always free, so keep this in mind if you're looking to protect your car from the elements or don't want to spend any money. Weekday nights are very busy at Armature Works and parking will usually need to be paid for during these times.

No Parking Sign


While you only have a small window to enjoy free parking on Sundays, on-street parking north of Kennedy Boulevard is another option to consider.

We aren't personally fans of using this option as we prefer parking lots and garages as opposed to street parking, but we wanted to point out this is an option many folks take advantage of.

Be sure to double-check on Google Maps you're north of Kennedy Blvd before leaving your car anywhere and pay attention to any street signs for additional rules or restrictions. 

We wouldn't recommend going about this route, but if you're fine parking your car on the side of a street, and double check you're in a location north of Kennedy that allows free parking then it's something to take advantage of!



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