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Is Splitsville Tampa Worth It? | Guide, Tips & Everything To Know

Splitsville has a reputation for being a high-end bowling alley with high prices to match and an overall much more premium experience compared to your everyday bowling alley.

Splitsville Tampa is no exception to this and we'll breakdown everything you need to know before heading to Splitsville!


The Basics

  • Where Is Splitsville Tampa?
  • Do You Need A Reservation?
  • Special Events & Private Parties

Our Review

  • Dining 
  • Bowling & Gaming 
  • Is Splitsville Tampa Worth It?


Splitsville Tampa sign

Where Is Splitsville Tampa?

Splitsville is located at the Sparkman Wharf complex right off Water Street in Downtown Tampa. 

This shopping, dining and entertainment complex is a perfect fit to house Splitsville as it has everything you need for a really fun night out! 

Do You Need A Reservation?

Reservations are not required at Splitsville, but are highly recommended especially on the weekends. 

Walk-ups are generally always accepted though you will find wait times to frequently stretch over two hours on Friday or Saturday nights.

Splitsville Check-In Area

If you're able to plan ahead and make a reservation then we would definitely suggest doing so as you'll save a lot of time not needing to wait around.

Keep in mind that reservations must be paid for in advance - Splitsville requires that you pay for all of the bowling you'll be doing before you arrive. 

This is the same with walk-ups where you will need to pay in advance in order to secure your spot on the waitlist.  

We've seen wait times top two hours on the weekends quite regularly!

Special Events & Private Parties

Splitsville offers a variety of options for special events like birthdays and private parties of all sizes.

You're able to book anything from a single lane and private event space all the way up to the entire venue for multiple hours depending on your needs. 

Exterior of Splitsville in Tampa

Catered food and drink packages are also available through Splitsville! 

Pricing varies depending on the time/date, group size and food or drink needs of your party, but expect to pay a premium because of Splitsville's popularity and reputation as a higher end bowling alley.

The best way to book any sort of private party or special event is through the Splitsville website or getting in contact with the location manager by calling Splitsville directly. 


Splitsville has 30+ food and drink options ranging from nachos to chicken sandwiches and wraps. 

Most of what you'll find at Splitsville is going to be your everyday bar food, but Splitsville does have some more unique options that rotate on the menu like Korean barbecue chicken. 

Splitsville bar

While the menu is mostly your everyday bar food, we did find the food quality to be just a notch above what you'd expect at most bars. 

Splitsville also has a full bar with beer and liquor, so the options here are really endless and you can order just about any drink you'd like while bowling. 

The dining area is quite large and spacious which is a nice feel as the interior of the building is quite dark, but we were unbothered by any of this. 

Splitsville Dining Area

The entire building follows a theme of "southern and social" and you'll see this throughout the restaurant and gaming area with lots of wood tiling, a huge painting of a chicken, an all things Tampa inspired mural and plenty of televisions to watch with your group. 

It's a really great place not only to bowl, but watch some sports in a more entertaining environment.

Bowling & Gaming Area

The bowling and gaming areas at Splitsville Tampa are truly the highlight of the location.

Splitsville has 10+ bowling lanes available all with different games and themed digital scorecards for you to utilize.

Bowling seating and tables

Of course there's traditionally bowling available, but you can also opt for different bowling games that require you to knock down a certain number of pins to unlock bonuses instead of just playing highest score wins. 

The virtual scorecards displayed on the television screens also have fun themes like superheroes, aliens and 60's throwback.

As with the different game options you can also opt for a classic scorecard as well. 

Touchscreens to choose bowling games

Each lane has ample seating with a cushioned booth, hightop chairs and a table in case you order any food. 

Our only complaint about the bowling area is it does feel a little cramped at times with the other seating areas around you, but we didn't find this to be a major issue. 

Bowling Lane at Splitsville

The premium you play for Splitsville is definitely noticeable in the bowling area as all of the lanes, seating and other amenities are much more high end and well kept than what you'd see at most bowling alleys. 

Throughout Splitsville there are also multiple other "gaming areas" which include pool, skee-ball and ping pong, so the fun doesn't end with just bowling! 

Our Review - Is Splitsville Tampa Worth It?

Splitsville Tampa is certainly going to be one of the more expensive bowling alleys you'll see.

The food is also a bit pricey compared to what you would pay anywhere else for similar menu items and while the quality is decent, it doesn't justify the premium price entirely.

Bowling Balls and bowling lane in the background

We'd recommend maybe eating a bit before heading to Splitsville and only ordering some snacks or shareable appetizers which are a bit of a better value than the full entree meals. 

However, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Splitsville and would say if you'd like to splurge on a luxury bowling alley with some other gaming options as well as fun food and drinks, then Splitsville is the perfect night out. 



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