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8 Six Flags Over Texas Tips That You Can't Miss

In this guide, we will cover our best Six Flags Over Texas tips to ensure that you arrive to the park extremely prepared, and know all of the 'hacks' to maximize your time and money.

    1. Know the Best Days to Visit

    The best time to visit is on a weekday during the summer. In particular Monday-Wednesday, in June-August. Summer in Texas brings along the Texas heat, which naturally makes the crowds lighter during this time. 

    texas heat

    You can read more about this including how the crowd calendar works, and how the park changes during less busier times through our handy Best time to visit Six Flags Over Texas guide.

    2. Start From the Back of the Park

    If you take a look at the park map, you'll notice that most of the popular rides are located in the back of the park.

    Specifically Batman the Ride, Shockwave, New Texas Giant, and Superman: Tower of Power.

    six flags over texas map

    What normally happens when the park opens is everyone stays by the front, and then make their way around the park from there.

    By starting from the back, you'll avoid the crowds and ride your favorite rides with minimal waits. You'll also want to make sure that you get to the park right when it opens, to take advantage of this strategy.

    3. Pre-Pay For Parking Online

    Pre-paying for parking at Six Flags Over Texas is not only cheaper, but allows you to enter the park much faster.

    prepay for six flags over texas parking online

    When you pre-pay for parking you can just show the park attendant the receipt, and they'll seamlessly let you through in seconds.

    Whereas if you decide to pay at the park, you'll have to spend a few minutes there, as they process your payment, before providing you your receipt.

    Take into consideration the hundreds of visitors who will do this while you're in line behind them, and you'll wish everyone had prepaid parking!

    You're able to pre-pay for parking online directly from the Six Flags site.

    4. Know That the Park Offers Free WiFi

    There's free WiFi at the park! Believe it or not, this isn't actually all that common across theme parks, so consider yourself lucky.

    This is very handy as when the crowd starts pouring in, the service on your phone naturally becomes slow (if it works at all), due to too many signals from phones going to the antenna at once.


    All that you need to do to access the WiFi is go to your settings, click WiFi and look for 'SixFlagsGuest'.

    You'll then enter your email address, click submit and you're good to go!

    Go to your internet browser and navigate to any page to ensure that it works.

    5. Know About Stroller Rentals

    If you're traveling from out of state/country, or just forgot to bring a stroller in general, there's great news for you.

    stroller rentals

    Stroller rentals are available on a first come first serve basis, and they're conveniently located next to the lockers.

    Single, double, and vehicle strollers are available for rent.

    It's not just strollers however, wheelchairs and electronically controlled vehicles are available as well.

    6. Use the Six Flags App

    The Six Flags app is extremely useful especially as there is free WiFi at the park.

    six flags app 

    You can do the following things in the app:

    • Use mobile food ordering (vs having to wait in lines)
    • See the park map
    • See the park operating hours
    • Get information on rides, restaurants & even shops
    • Use this app for all Six Flags parks in North America

    7. Know What to Bring

    If you're planning on being at the park for several hours, or perhaps even all day, there are a few items that you'll want to bring.

    Sunscreen is a must especially in Texas.

    Nothing can ruin an adventurous day like sunburn!


    Chances are that your phone battery will also drain much quicker due to taking pictures/videos, or just trying to send messages when there are bigger crowds.

    An external battery will give you peace of mind, and you'll never have find a restaurant with an outlet to charge your phone, or worse yet leave the park to charge your car.

    8. Rent a Locker

    If you're planning on bringing a bag and/or personal items, you'll want to consider renting a locker. All day storage rental lockers are conveniently located near the BATMAN the ride, and you can pay with a credit card. 


    These are also available on a first come, first serve basis.

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