Best Time to Go to Six Flags Over Texas | Easily Explained

Dealing with long lines, giant crowds, and lots of waiting can affect your long awaited theme park experience.

In this page, we'll go over the best time to go to Six Flags Over Texas, and why it's the best time to go.

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Best Time to Visit Six Flags Over Texas

The best time to visit is on a weekday during the summer. In particular Monday-Wednesday, in June-August. Summer in Texas brings along the Texas heat, which naturally makes the crowds lighter during this time. 

The one downside is that you'll have to deal with the heat, however more times than not is will not be as bad as you think. The lines will be much shorter, and you'll spend less time waiting in the sun, and more time actually experiencing the park.

Regardless, you'll want to make sure that you bring certain items to the park to protect yourself from the sun. Items including a water bottle, sun screen, a hat, and sneakers.

Know About the Crowd Calendar

A crowd calendar is an extremely helpful tool that exists for major theme parks.

The way it works is they use historical data to predict the expected crowd levels for that time of the year. It's even narrowed down by the month, week, and day.

six flags over texas crowd calendar

This calendar is color coded, which makes it very easy for the untrained eye to quickly understand, and use. Essentially orange means extremely packed, and green means it's empty.

Something to note is this Six Flags isn't open every day during the year, and this crowd calendar accurately reflects that.

It comes in really handy  as it knocks out '2 birds in one stone'. Rather than having to check the Six Flags calendar from the actual site, and then coming to the crowd calendar, you are conveniently able to just check one place.



Hour Change During Less Crowded Times

Due to the park not being open every day throughout the year, Six Flags will reduce the hours as well in the less busier months. Along with that, the number of staff members will be reduced temporarily until the busier months approach.

The Six Flags app can also provide you with crucial information such as park hours, ride closures, wait times, purchasing food with a mobile order, and a park map.

Dealing With the Heat

Pro Tip

To cool off from the blazing sun, ride a water ride first! Chances are that you will get wet, the water will feel fantastic, and you'll be able to cool down for a few hours.

On the flip side, if you're not a big fan of walking around the park wet temporarily, you'll want to make sure that you pack a change of clothes.

You can find more tips like this through our Best Six Flags Over Texas Tips page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bring Snacks to Six Flags Over Texas?

No. You're not able to bring your own food, drinks, or even coolers into the park. However, most food stands offer free ice water to guests, all that you have to do is ask. 

Can I Bring a Bag to Six Flags?

Yes you can, just know that Six Flags has the right to inspect your bags prior to entering the park. Also, getting into the park will take a little longer due to having a bag, a it will need to be checked. If you decide not to take a bag, take advantage of the 'bagless entry' line.

Can You Buy Food at Six Flags?

Absolutely. In fact, there's 40+ food options available including snacks, meals, desserts and bars. You can find more information on their dining page.

Where is Six Flags Over Texas Located

In Arlington, Texas, just 15 miles outside of Dallas. Six Flags Over Texas is actually the original Six Flags theme park.