All of the Six Flags Locations in Texas | Easily Explained

Six Flags is one of the most popular theme parks in the United States, with dozens of locations around the country.

In this page, we will explain how many Six Flags locations are in Texas, what they are, and how they're different from each other.

How Many Six Flags Locations Are in Texas?

There are 4 total Six Flags parks in the state of Texas. Two of them are full Six Flags parks (with the Six Flags name), while the other two are water parks, under the 'Hurricane Harbor' name.

six flags locations in texas

The main difference between the parks is the age of the parks.

Six Flags Over Texas opened 60+ years ago as the first Six Flags park, while Six Flags Fiesta Texas opened more recently, 30 years ago.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas spans across 200 acres, featuring a whopping 39 total coasters, and 8 different themed areas.

Best Ride

The most popular ride at the park is the Scream ride, which is a three-legged 205 ft tower, launches riders directly into the air, before bouncing back down.

Riders will experience how fast this ride can climb 20 stories, before suddenly dropping down.

The DC Universe is the most recent addition to the areas of the park, where the super popular Superman Krypton Coaster can be found.

We've created a guide that details all of the Six Flags parks, where they are located, and each one offers.

Overall this is a great park to visit as it does a great job tailoring to all ages, but the thrill-seeking crowd will have the most fun at this park.


This 212 acre park features 13 roller coasters, 3 water rides, and more famously is known as the first Six Flags park.

mr freeze reverse blast six flags

Having opened in 1961, this park shows you much of the foundation that was used around the next generation of parks.

Many fans love visiting Over Texas due to the history that it created, as well as how the park has been preserved over time.

Best Ride

New Texas Giant is the most popular ride at the park with an interesting past.

It would make its debut as a wooden coaster, but would then be updated using the latest technology in steel track engineering.

This coaster provides you the best of both worlds, as you get the wooden coaster feel without most of the roughness that usually comes with it.

The ride begins by making a right, and then immediately climbing the 153 ft hill.

Once you reach the top, you'll briefly be able to see the entire coaster along with a unique view of the park (and city).

Make sure to enjoy it quickly and then hold tight, because a few seconds after that it is time for the massive drop!

You'll reach speeds of 65 miles per hour and even experience at drop at almost 80 degrees.


  • Located near Six Flags Over Texas
  • Multiple body slides
  • Children's slides
  • Kids Slides
  • Lazy river


  • Located in Houston, Texas
  • 48 Acre Water Park
  • 9 Water Slides
  • 2 Children's Areas
  • 2 Pools

Fun Fact - For five years (2013-2018) it was known as Wet 'n' Wild Splashtown.

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