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Hotels With a Shuttle to Seaworld San Diego | Easily Explained

Shuttles can be very convenient for out of town visitors, as they provide a roundtrip service to and from the hotel.

Most hotels offer shuttle services to and from the airport, but do they offer a shuttle to SeaWorld San Diego?

In this page we'll cover which hotels, if any, do.

shuttle bus

The Dana on Mission Bay

As of the time this article was written, the Dana on Mission Bay is the only hotel that does offer a complimentary shuttle service to SeaWorld San Diego.

Conveniently located only 1.2 miles away, this shuttle can transport you to the park, and pick you up from the park as well.

The nice perk about the location of this hotel is that if you decide not to shuttle, you can easily take a 20-25 minute walk as well.

dana on mission bay

About the Hotel

This low key hotel is also only located 1 mile away from Mission beach and Belmont park, providing guests with the ultimate convenience.

It is a casual and friendly hotel that can be perfect for both family vacations as well as business trips.

Unique Amenities

  • 2 Outdoor Heated Swimming Pools
  • Private Marina
  • Fitness Center
  • Onsite water sport & Bicycle rentals

Other Transportation Alternatives

In this modern age, luckily there are many other alternatives to traveling in San Diego other than shuttles.


Ride Sharing Services

Uber & Lyft are reliable options as far as getting from point A to point B in a reasonable time. Each driver has a rating attached to their profile, and how many rides they have given in their driving careers.


A relatively new feature that some don't know about is that you're actually able to schedule rides ahead of time.

If you know the time that you'd like to to head to the park, you can schedule your ride. This will avoid needing to wait, and wait for a driver to get matched to you, as this will be done ahead of time.

In fact, on Lyft you can schedule a ride 7 days a head of time, so you'll want to make sure that you know what the best day to visit SeaWorld San Diego is.


The San Diego Taxi Service is called Ride Yellow.

They are available nearby and they now work similarly to the ride sharing services in terms of an app, and you are able to schedule a ride as well.

ride yellow taxi

An advantage to this service is that you can also call to book your ride.

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