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Sesame Place's Season Pass: All You Need to Know

In this page we'll go over what a season pass is, the differences between the various season passes, what perks they offer, how you can pay for it, and even the upgrades that you can make.

    What is a Season Pass?

    A Sesame Place Season Pass allows a pass holder to visit the park an unlimited number of times throughout the 'season' in a year, on all days that are open to the public.

    sesame place gold pass

    These passes offer benefits including free parking, free tickets for friends, access to special events, and discounts, which we will all cover later.

    Types of Passes

    There are 3 types of passes at Sesame Place including the Silver pass, Gold pass, and Platinum pass.

    The main difference with the Platinum versus the other passes is the Platinum provides you Unlimited Admission to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Sesame Place and their Award Winning Water Parks.

    Silver Annual Pass Gold Annual Pass Platinum Annual Pass
    $865 of value $1,245 of value $2,045 of value
    Unlimited Fun - Visit All Year!
    Visit on Your Terms
    Share the Experience – FREE Guest Tickets* 2 4 6
    Enjoy Exclusive Pass Member Ticket Discounts
    Park for FREE! (regularly $25/visit)
    Preferred Parking Upgrade 50%
    Exclusive Food & Beverage Savings** 10% 15% 20%
    Exclusive Merchandise Savings*** 15% 20% 25%
    Exclusive Cabana Discounts – Lounge in Luxury! 10% 15% 20%
    FREE Up-Close Reserved Parade Viewing
    PhotoKey - Capture & Unlock Memories One Photo Download One Day Photokey Annual Photokey
    Discounts on Magic Queue 20% 30% 50%
    FREE One Time Magic Queue Per Visit
    Discounts on Photo Prints & Frames 15% 20% 25%
    Rental Discounts on Strollers 10% 15% 20%
    Exclusive Events including Halloween, Christmas, Summer Festivals and more!
    Exclusive Savings to Discovery Cove
    Unlimited Admission to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Sesame Place and Our Award Winning Water Parks

    Monthly Payment Options

    The Monthly payment option is a payment plan that you can follow to pay for your season passes.

    sesame place monthly payment plan

    This is convenient as it allows you to have the flexibility to split up your payment over 3 months or 12 months, rather than paying it all at once.

    How to Get My Season Pass

    You can purchase directly from the Sesame Place official website.

    When Should I Get a Season Pass

    If you're planning on visiting the park at least 2 times in a season, a season pass may be a good option for you. A Gold Pass in particular, pays for itself in under 2 visits.

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