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Sesame Place's Magic Queue Pass: Everything You Need to Know

In this guide we'll go over what a Sesame Place Magic Queue is, what it allows you to do, what rides it includes, and where to buy them.

    What is a Magic Queue Pass?

    A Sesame Place Magic Queue pass gives riders access to a separate line, where riders can get to the front of the line much quicker than regular lines (for select rides).

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    Once a Magic Queue pass has been purchased, riders will be given a wristband that will signify to park staff, that you have access to the Magic Queue line.

    Types of Fast Passes

    There are three types of fast passes including Unlimited Magic Queue, Magic Queue - Dry rides and Magic Queue - Water rides.

    We will explain the differences of each pass below.

    Unlimited Magic Queue

    • Gives unlimited access on both dry and water rides

    Magic Queue - Dry Rides

    • Dry Rides is valid for one-time access on Abby’s Fairy Flight, Cookie Climb, Elmo’s Rockin’ Rockets, Rub-A-Dub Sub, Sesame Street Soar & Spin, Sunny Day Carousel and Super Grover’s Box Car Derby
    • Does not include priority access for water rides

    Magic Queue - Water Rides

    • Water Rides is valid for unlimited, priority access on Bert’s Topsy Turvy Tunnels; Ernie’s Twisty Turny Tunnels, Honker Dinger Dash and Snuffy’s Spaghetti Slides
    • Water Rides is valid for one-time priority access on Cookie’s Monster Mixer and Oscar’s Rotten Rafts
    • Water Rides does not include priority access to any of the dry rides

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    When Should I Get a Magic Queue Pass?

    Skip Waiting in Lines

    If you're not a fan of waiting in lines, and are looking to ride the most rides possible in the shortest span of time, a Magic Queue pass will be a great fit for you.

    The nice thing about this pass, is that you're able to get back in line immediately after riding as well.

    Traveling With Kids

    One of the most difficult parts of being at a theme park with kids is having to stand in lines. Most kids don't have the patience to stand in lines, and honestly it just isn't very fun to stand around in general.

    You can prevent (or at the least minimize) this situation, with a Magic Queue pass.

    When Should I Not Get a Magic Queue Pass?

    If you don't mind waiting in lines, then it may not be the best investment for you.

    Weekday Visit During the Slow Season

    If you're visiting on a weekday (Monday-Wednesday) during the slow season, there's a good chance that you may not even need this pass due to the lack of crowds (and lines).

    Limited Availability & Price Change

    These passes are available on a first come, first serve basis. During the busier season, Magic Queue can often run out as they are extremely popular.

    It's important to know that prices will vary depending on the day that you choose. It may be more expensive on the weekends, and less expensive on the weekday.

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    Where to Buy a Magic Queue Pass

    You can purchase a Magic Queue pass directly from the Sesame Place site.

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