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SeaWorld Camp in San Antonio: All You Need to Know

Imagine being able to have an entire day, or even a whole week to be able to interact with and learn about animals and conservation efforts.

Well there's no need to imagine, it's very possible with the SeaWorld Camp in San Antonio.

seaworld scout jamboree

In this page we'll cover all of the different types of camps offered, what's included in each one, and what you can expect.

Table of Contents

What is a SeaWorld Camp

A fun and educational program designed to give campers a behind the scene and up and close experience.

seaworld camp san antonio

On top of still being able to experience the fun rides, activities and shows at the park, they will provide a unique insight on the current conservation efforts of SeaWorld, as well as their long term plans.

Most campers are typically from Kindergarten - 8th grade, but there are also teacher camps available as well.

What Days are the SeaWorld Camps Available?

Monday through Friday.

Camp Hours

8:30 am - 3:30 pm.

Types of SeaWorld Camps 

Summer Camps

Summer camps split up campers by relevant ages, in order to provide activities focused by age group and maximize socializing.

seaworld day camp

For example, first graders will not have the same interests as 8th graders.

SeaWorld does not have an exact description of each camp on their site, but rather a generic one for all of the camps 

Each day campers will visit different animal exhibits in the park. Activities will be focused around those animals. Campers will feed sea lions, interact with animal ambassadors, enjoy a playtime with bottlenose dolphins and help make enrichment items for SeaWorld animals, and touch stingrays and a shark. Campers will also visit Walkabout Waters and select water slides in Aquatica one morning while at camp. 

seaworld day camp animals

Young Explorers 

Designed for campers that are in Kindergarten - First grade.

Habitat Helpers

Designed for campers that are in 2nd - 3rd grade.

habitat helpers seaworld

Wildlife Warriors

Designed for campers that are in 4th - 5th grade.

wildlife warriors seaworld

Ocean Adventure

Designed for campers that are in 6th - 8th grade.

ocean adventure seaworld

SeaWorld Camp Extended Care

Are you unable to pick up your children by 3:30 pm? You're not the only one.

SeaWorld offers this program where the kids will be able to stay safely and supervised by staff members for a few extra hours.

Extended care pickup is at 5:30 pm.

This will be an additional cost that comes out to $15 a day, and the weekly option at $50 a week.

Group Camp

Currently not available.

Group camps allow campers to stay the night and explore the park after dark!

seaworld group sleepover

You will be able to choose between a single night sleepover, or a multiple night, for a one of a kind educational experience that most only dream of.

Visit with behaviorists and keepers as campers learn how we all can care for animals worldwide


Campers stay in the SeaWorld Camp dorms and participate in hands-on lab activities, behind the scenes tours, and age appropriate animal experiences. 

Who Does This

This option is most popular for a birthday, scout group, or a club.

Families will often do this for a great bonding experience as well.

seaworld sleepover family

Overnight Camps

Currently not available for the 2021 season.

Teacher Camp

If you're an educator who loves animals and wants to learn more, there is a teacher camp available for you.

teacher camp seaworld san antonio

In this camp, animal experts will bring you face to face with marine wildlife, providing you with a uniquely amazing experience that you can bring back to share with the classroom.

Unlike Summer camps, this camp is available from May - September.

What to Bring to Camp

Wear comfortable clothes and bring your own lunch.

You will be provided a water bottle, a t-shirt, and a snack.

These shirts will all be a specific color, allowing camp counselors and staff to easily identify who is in their group.

Where to Purchase Camp Tickets

You can do so directly from the SeaWorld official site.

Pre-Camp Process

  1. Camp Staff will confirm that you have completed your form
  2. There will be a health checkpoint where you can discuss any health needs that your camper has
  3. Campers will then proceed to the supply station to receive their shirts, water bottle, snack and mask
  4. There will be a security check where campers will go through the main entrance and their bags will be checked
  5. Staff will then assist you to find your correct group
  6. Then you will meet your amazing counselor, and your day filled of fun can begin

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