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5 Best SeaWorld Shows in San Antonio | Easily Explained

In this page we'll go over the best shows in SeaWorld San Antonio, what each show is about, and we'll even show videos of the shows to give you a better understanding of what you'll see at the park.

seaworld san antonio shows

      1. Orca Encounter

      These powerful apex predators are known for their extreme intelligence, amazing power and athletic ability.

      orca encounter seaworld san antonio

      In this show you'll be able to see everything that makes orcas special.

      Beginning of the Show

      The show begins when the music begins blaring through the speakers, and the two giant tv's turn on and begin displaying graphics.

      Then the underwater gate will open up, and the orca's dorsal fin will be popping out of the water as it picks up speed and swims to the front of the tank.

      After the orca makes a lap, it will showcase its tremendous ability as they jump out of the water and several feet into the air. It's honestly amazing to see an animal that weighs several tons to have the athletic ability to effortlessly jump out of the water. 

      Splash Zones

      Splash zones are available in this show, which means you can get wet!

      There's special seating that can be differentiated by signs containing 'Splash Zone' on each row.

      You'll want to make sure that you arrive early to secure these seats, as they are popular and fill up fast.

      seaworld san antonio stadium


      The stadium is outdoors, but there is a protective roof which is very convenient for guests to have shade and temporarily cool off from the Texas sun.

      2. Ocean Discovery

      While the Orca Encounter focuses on the powerful Orcas, this show focuses on  the ultra athletic pacific white sided dolphins and graceful beluga whales.

      ocean discovery seaworld san antonio

      What's unique about this show is that all of these animals interact in a playful manner and work together for the duration of the show. This requires a lot of coordination and skill.

      Beginning of the Show

      You'll immediately see their difference in speed as two dolphins burst out of the water to extreme heights, into the air by the front of the tank.

      Shortly after, 5 belugas show up together under water and make their way to the front of the tank. They'll then pose against the tank and show off their tricks which even include letting the visitors hear their vocals!

      Splash Zones

      No Splash zones available for this show.


      This stadium is outdoors but also has a roof covering providing guests with shade and some time to cool off from the Texas sun.

      3. Sea Lion High

      One of our favorite shows of all time is Clyde & Seamore's Sea Lion High.

      In this show, the audience will go on an adventure with the ultra funny Clyde & Seamore as they go back to school in pursuit of diplomas.

      clyde and seamore seaworld san antonio

      This show is a nice change of pace due to being highly interactive, and the audience will be asked questions throughout the show. Feel free to answer back!

      And to top everything off, the sea lions will show off their amazing athletic ability and tricks.

      Beginning of the Show

      The Sea Lion high theme song will begin to play and all of the characters & sea lions will make their appearance through the front doors.

      They'll explain that two scholarships will be given out, one in academics and one in athletics and then the sea lions will begin to show off their tremendous athleticism.


      Splash Zones

      No Splash zones available for this show.


      This is an outdoor show, the audience has a roof above them to protect them from the sun, but the characters do not. So make sure to be understanding if they run out of breath at some point, the Texas heat is no joke.

      4. Sunny Day Celebration

      A show featuring the fan favorite Sesame Street characters, where they will perform live on stage.

      Elmo and his furry hands will play games, dance and sing on stage while showing off their awesome moves.

      This show is perfect for the little ones.

      Beginning of the Show

      Elmo will come on stage first and all of his friends will follow and greet the audience. Shortly after, they'll begin their first coordinated dance of the show!

      This show is only a little under 12 minutes so we don't want to spoil all of the details for you.


      Indoor theater.

      5. Sesame Street Party Parade

      Known as the 'Party on Wheels', the Sesame Street Party Parade showcase 10 themed floats including Mr. Hooper’s Store and Count’s Castle.

      sesame street party parade seaworld san antonio

      They will march around the park singing, dancing, and it is definitely an extremely energetic event.

      The first route stop includes performers jumping rope, hula hooping and grooving with their favorite Sesame Street friends and dancers.

      This parade runs for a limited time from June 4th - August 21st.

      Why Show the Videos of the Shows?


      If you've ever been to a show, you'll have a pretty good idea within a few minutes of being there, if you're going to like it or not.

      By being able to watch the video ahead of time, you can avoid this scenario and tailor your visit more towards your preferences.

      Although each show is not exactly the same every time that they air, the majority of the show is and they'll give you enough of an idea to make an informed decision.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is There Still a Shamu Show at SeaWorld in San Antonio?

      Yes, it is now known as Orca encounter. In this show, you'll see the orcas showcase their high intelligence and amazing athletic ability.

      How Long are the Shows at SeaWorld San Antonio?

      They average around 25-30 minutes. However there are shorter shows that last under 15 minutes such as Sunny Day Celebration. In order to secure a seat on the busier days, it is recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes early for shows. You can find more SeaWorld San Antonio tips here.

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