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Gideon's Bakehouse Virtual Queue | How-To Guide & Tips

Gideon's Bakehouse at Disney Springs has quickly become one of the most popular locations on property with a virtual queue wait time often extending over three hours!

Our Gideon's Bakehouse Virtual Queue Guide will detail how to access the virtual queue and some tips on how to beat the long lines at Gideon's! 

Questions We'll Answer About Gideon's Bakehouse Virtual Queue

  • How To Access The Virtual Queue
  • Best Times To Access Gideon's Virtual Queue


Gideon's Bakehouse Entrance

How To Access The Virtual Queue

To access the Gideon's Bakehouse virtual queue at Disney Springs you'll first need to physically head over to Disney Springs.

At this time there is no way to access the virtual queue from your home, hotel room or anywhere else on Disney property. 

Despite this line being a "virtual queue" you do in fact need to first physically be at Disney Springs to access the virtual queue.

Bookshelf inside Gideon's Bakehouse


Once you arrive at Disney Springs head over to Gideon's Bakehouse where you'll find plenty of signs leading you to the virtual queue signup. 

Once you arrive at the virtual queue signup location, a Gideon's employee will collect your name and phone number, as well as provide you with an estimated wait time. 

Gideon's Bakehouse Virtual Queue Confirmation

From there you will be automatically placed in the virtual queue and will receive a confirmation message along with the estimated wait time.  

Once you get this text message confirming your spot in line you're free to do whatever you would like - you can either stay and explore Disney Springs or head elsewhere!

After some time has passed you will receive a text message from Gideon's letting you know when you should head back to the store!

Gideon's Bakehouse Virtual Queue Arrival Message

TIP: While Gideon's doesn't explicitly say how much time you have to redeem your spot in line, we recommend returning to store no later than 30 minutes after you receive the text message. 

Once you arrive back at Gideon's an employee will confirm your arrival and then you'll wait outside of the store for just a few minutes before being able to enter Gideon's Bakehouse!

Best Times To Access Gideon's Virtual Queue

The best times to access Gideon's Virtual Queue are going to be first thing in the morning on weekdays and weekends, and occasionally on late evenings during the weekdays. 

Selection of cakes at Gideon's Bakehouse


Arriving first thing in the morning will get you in the virtual queue before the crowds arrive at Disney Springs which only extends the amount of time needed to wait in the virtual queue.

Gideon's Bakehouse can only hold 15-20 people inside the store at one time, so it's easy to see why a virtual queue is necessary and why this queue can take so long!

Late evenings on weekdays also tend to be a great time to access Gideon's virtual queue. 

Queue Inside Gideon's Bakehouse


Crowds tend to dissipate later in the evenings and less people sign up for the virtual queue or tend not to show up as the day gets later.

The caveat here though is sometimes Gideon's does sellout of cookies, so you might find yourself unavailable to access the store or simply stuck with a small selection of cookies to pick from. 

If you don't mind only have a couple of cookies to choose from then joining the virtual queue late in the evening might be the way to go! 



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