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Monsters Inc. Mike & Sulley To The Rescue | Ultimate Ride Guide

 Monsters Inc. Mike & Sully To Rescue is a popular attraction amongst families and Monsters Inc lovers alike, but if you're unfamiliar with the attraction you might not know what to expect.

Our Monsters Inc. Ride Guide will dive into everything you should know about the attraction, so you can decide if it's worth adding to your to-do list!

Our Monsters Inc. Mike & Sully To The Rescue Ride Guide Will Cover:

  • Where Is The Ride Located?
  • Does The Ride Have A Single Rider Line?
  • Does The Ride Have Genie+ Access?
  • How Long Of A Wait Is The Ride Worth?
  • Fun Facts
  • Our Review
  • On-Ride Video

 Monsters Inc. Ride Sign

Where Is The Ride Located?

Monsters Inc. Mike & Sully To The Rescue (which we'll just refer to as the "Monsters Inc. Ride" for brevity here) is located towards the back of the Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure.

After working through Buena Vista Street you're going to want to take your first immediate left into Hollywood Land and walk past "Award Weiners" and "Off The Page" to find Monsters Inc..

The ride is going to be on your left, but it's a bit hidden and you'll need to travel down a little side street to find it. The map below illustrates where you'll find the ride!

Monsters Inc Ride Mapped Location

Does The Ride Have A Single Rider Line?

Monsters Inc. is one of the few rides at California Adventure that does not have a single-rider line. 

The ride is largely intended for families, so during its design, they didn't anticipate many people would be riding the attraction alone - though it would've been useful for us who look to get on rides with shorter waits!

Does The Ride Have Genie+ Access?

Monster Inc. is reservable through Genie+ 

We wouldn't recommend booking Monsters Inc. early in the day though and instead focus on some of the more popular rides at California Adventure like Guardians of the Galaxy or Toy Story Midway Mania. 

Mike, Sulley and Boo

If you arrive at California Adventure early you might be able to walk right onto Monsters Inc. with little to no wait. The same goes for later in the evening - we often find a very minimal wait for the attraction. 

Our recommendation is to prioritize other attractions on Genie+ and leave Monsters Inc. as a regular/standby line attraction unless you're able to find a booking window not too far out in the future. 

You also may find that you won't use Genie+ at all for Monsters Inc.! 

Harry Hausen's on the Monsters Inc Ride

How Long Of A Wait Is The Ride Worth?

For a Monsters Inc. fan, this attraction is going to be worth a lot longer wait than for those who aren't a fan of the films. The ride is slow-moving and intended for families and young children, so thrill seekers are also not going to want to spend a lot of time waiting.

If you're a fan of the Monsters Inc. films then the ride is worth about 45 minutes. There's no other way to experience a journey through Monstropolis except on the Monsters Inc. ride. You'll see a lot of iconic scenes from the films and all of your favorite characters. 

The ride system itself is very tame and basic, so the real novelty lies in traveling through the various scenes from the movie in a pretty immersive way for being such a basic ride. 

If you aren't a fan of the Monsters Inc. films then the ride is worth no more than a 20-minute wait.

In the early mornings and later in the evenings you'll often find Monsters Inc. with a 10, 15, or 20-minute wait, so you'll likely have an opportunity to experience the attraction even if you aren't willing to wait a long time for it. 

CDA members on the Monsters Inc Ride

Fun Facts

  • The ride is one of the longest at California Adventure with a 4-minute and 5-second ride time!
  • Monster's Inc was the replacement for the infamous Superstar Limo attraction. The replacement took place during the reimagining of California Adventure and still uses the same ride vehicles!
  • You'll want to pay attention to Roz at the end of the ride. You might be surprised by the questions and observations she makes to those in your ride vehicle! 
  • When Boo is hitting Randall causing him to rapidly change colors, one of the patterns you'll see his scales turn into is the Haunted Mansion wallpaper! 

Our Review

Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully To The Rescue is a slow-moving dark ride that feels like a classic Disney attraction with loads of charm, and easter eggs for fans of the films.

The ride certainly isn't the most thrilling as it crawls through the scenes from the original Monsters Inc. film, but there's surely a ton to look at. 

Angry Celia at Restaurant

It's a great attraction for young children as it's very tame and there are very few if no, elements they'll find frightening or scary. While the attraction is considered a "dark ride" it's well-lit despite most scenes intending to feel like they take place at night. 

We'd go as far as saying that Monsters Inc. is one of the best slow-moving dark ride attractions at any Disney theme park in the United States even if it is beginning to show its age. You'll revisit a handful of scenes from the film and come face-to-face with your favorite monsters and even the CDA!  

There's nothing state-of-the-art or overly impressive about the attraction, but nonetheless, we find Monsters Inc. to be fun, charming, and a great break from the generally more exhilarating rides throughout California Adventure. 

On-Ride Video



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