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Web Slingers Ride Guide | High Score Hacks + Review

We here at Theme Park Center are pros at Web Slingers, often scoring over 300,000 and 400,000 points individually!

However, Web Slingers isn't exactly for everyone, and knowing what to expect before riding will greatly impact your experience.

Our Web Slingers Ride Guide will cover the top tips and hacks to getting a huge score on the ride, as well as our review and thoughts on the overall attraction. 

Web Slingers Ride Topics We'll Discuss:

  • What Type Of Ride Is Web Slingers?
  • How Long Is The Web Slingers Ride?
  • Web Slingers Ride Review
  • How Long Of A Wait Is The Ride Worth?
  • Web Slingers Hacks + Tips For A Super High Score
  • Full POV Video

 Web Slingers High Score

What Type Of Ride Is Web Slingers?

Web Slingers is a screen-based, 3D motion simulator and interactive game ride. 

Most of the ride takes place on the screens in front of you and there are very few physical elements throughout. Think of this as very similar to a video game where most of the action is on a large screen that you'll be interacting with. 

Instead of a controller though, you'll be using your arms to "sling webs" (you wave at the screen in the direction in which you want webs to appear) at enemies that come in the form of robotic spiders. The more of these spiders that you destroy, the higher score you'll get on the ride. 

Web Slingers Entrance Sign

You board the ride in a physical vehicle that moves and pivots around a track on the ground. These movements and pivots are quite tame and the most intense moments (which, frankly, aren't that intense at all) all occur at the very beginning of the ride. 

The ride is generally a very smooth experience and only jerks around a few times early on. Those with motion sickness might be sensitive to these movements though we haven't had any issues while riding. 

How Long Is The Web Slingers Ride?

The entire Web Slingers ride is approximately 3 minutes and 53 seconds long. 

The actual gameplay portion of the ride lasts approximately 2 minutes and 50 seconds long.

Web Slingers Ride Review

Web Slingers is going to be a ride that appeals to an audience who loves Spider-Man or is looking for a competitive experience to challenge friends and family members. 

Those looking to just sit back and enjoy a ride with putting in little or no effort aren't going to enjoy Web Slingers. This ride takes a fair amount of physical exertion and you must understand how the game works to enjoy it.

Web Slingers Ride Instructions

If you aren't willing to put in the effort on these two elements then we'd recommend skipping Web Slingers - you likely won't have a good time. 

If you're a huge Spider-Man fan then you may still enjoy the ride, but the storyline has very little connection to the comics or Spider-Man films. If you aren't a Spider-Man fan but still enjoy interactive games then you'll likely still find Web Slingers to be a great experience. 

The primary objective of Web Slingers is to destroy as many robotic spiders as possible for a high personal score, but teamwork is also a critical component. There are team-based challenges at the end of each ride scene (4 in total) which factor into your ride vehicle's overall score. 

While getting a big personal score is always an achievement, Web Slingers tracks the best scores for the hour, day, and month based on the overall team score, not the personal score. 

Peter Parker and Robot Spider

The big theme with Web Slingers is understanding how the ride works to have the best experience possible, which means the ride may be a bit frustrating if you're seated in a vehicle with another party who may not be as committed to getting a high score. 

We've ridden Webslingers over a dozen times and have enjoyed it every time no matter who we ride with. Like other interactive game rides like Astroblasters and Toy Story, we find Webslingers to be a fun experience that keeps us coming back for new personal and team-high scores. 

If you're a competitive spirit who loves video games or interactive rides then Web Slingers is a can't miss. If you're more of a traditionalist who would rather sit back and relax while enjoying a ride, then you should consider putting Web Slingers low on your priority list. 

 "#JoinTheWeb" Symbol

How Long Of A Wait Is The Ride Worth?

Web Slingers is one of the newest rides at California Adventure, so it quite often has one of the highest wait times in the park. 

We find the ride to be worth around a 1-hour wait at the very most, though we're not usually running to the attraction unless it has less than a 45-minute wait.

Web Slingers typically sees a wait time over 1 hour on average which is a bit longer than what we would wait for it. However, we've seen the ride consistently dip to 45 minutes or less in the late evenings on weekdays and occasionally on weekends as well. 

Genie+ is a great way to experience Web Slingers with the lowest possible wait time. 

Web Slingers Hacks + Tips For A Super High Score

Below are a few tips and hacks to keep in mind while riding Web Slingers for the highest score possible!

Web Slingers High Score 2


These spiders are worth significantly more than the standard red spiders.


Don't waste too much time trying to hit one specific spider - look for large clusters of spiders to rack up a lot of points in a short time. Sometimes it'll look like there are only standard red spiders in these clusters, but you'll find spiders worth more points after you clear out the red ones. 


There are tons of interactive elements in Web Slingers beyond just the spiders. Shooting webs at doors and gates can open up secret areas filled with high-point value spiders. 


Building on the last tip, there are TONS of interactive elements on Web Slingers. This includes objects like boxes, barrels, jet engines, forklifts, and even Mjolnir which can take out numerous spiders at once for you. 

Hitting these objects is key to a big score as one web sling at these items can sometimes take out 10+ spiders when you'd normally only hit one. 


The sensors that track your arm movements on the ride are quite sensitive and will pick up shorter arm movements. This means there is no need to fully extend your arm when you want to sling a web which will only cost you valuable time. 

We find that a quick jabbing movement is most efficient in terms of speed as well as getting picked up by the sensors each time. 


This is especially true of the team challenges at the end of each ride scene. Spider-Man and Sharon (the female robotic voice narrating the ride) tell you precisely what you need to do to succeed in the ride. When you hear them speak, take note to score some big points on the team challenges. 




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