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Is Legoland Open On Thanksgiving? | Holiday Travel Tips

Thanksgiving is becoming a more and more popular time to vacation at theme parks, but it's important to keep in mind that not every theme park is open during this time of year.

With three different Legoland theme parks now open across the country, this guide will explain if each Legoland is open during Thanksgiving as well as some holiday travel tips to consider on your next visit to Legoland!

Questions We'll Answer About Legoland On Thanksgiving:

  • Is Legoland California Open On Thanksgiving?
  • Is Legoland Florida Open On Thanksgiving?
  • Is Legoland New York Open On Thanksgiving?
  • Thanksgiving Theme Park Tips!

         Lego characters in front of the Legoland sign

        Is Legoland California Open On Thanksgiving?

        Legoland California is open 365 days a year including Thanksgiving day and every major holiday!

        Thanksgiving is actually one of the busiest times of year to visit Legoland California!

        It's easy to think that most people would rather be at home enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner, but the truth is many people are looking for a fun getaway during their Thanksgiving break.

        Legoland California has become a very popular destination this time of year!

        Is Legoland Florida Open on Thanksgiving?

        Two lego characters in front of the Legoland Florida sign

        Legoland Florida is also open every day of the year including Thanksgiving Day!

        Orlando is one of the most popular Thanksgiving vacation destinations in the country and you'll certainly know it when you visit Legoland on Thanksgiving day.

        Wait times during this time of year at Legoland tend to be some of the longest you'll see all year though not as long as you would experience on Christmas or New Year's Eve/Day.

        Is Legoland New York Open on Thanksgiving?

        Kids in front of the Legoland New York sign

        Thanksgiving day is one of the last operating days for Legoland New York each year.

        Legoland New York is open seasonally and it typically closes down for the winter a week or two after Thanksgiving. 

        Because of the colder weather in New York during this time of year, Legoland New York won't be as busy as the other Legoland theme parks, but you can still expect to see slightly elevated wait times for the most popular attractions than on a normal day.

        While not nearly as warm as Legoland Florida or Legoland California, Legoland New York is another great Thanksgiving escape for those in the northeast region of the United States!

        Thanksgiving Theme Park Tips!

        Thanksgiving is one of the most popular and expensive times of year to travel, but thankfully we have some tips to save you both time and money when planning a Thanksgiving trip to Legoland!

        Reserve Dinner In Advance 

        Because many people will be looking to have a sit-down dinner on Thanksgiving night, restaurant reservations at Legoland will be harder than ever to get.

        Consider booking your dinner reservations as early as possible if you're looking to eat at a specific location. 

          Purchase Your Tickets Online 

          Wait times for attractions will be much longer than usual on Thanksgiving, so purchasing your tickets online will save you from waiting in yet another line at the ticket booths.

          Purchase your tickets for Legoland California, Legoland New York, or Legoland Florida in advance online and save some money along the way! 

          Consider Fastrack

          Wait times for most attractions can easily stretch for over 90 minutes on Thanksgiving. If you're willing to spend some extra cash then Fastrack is worth considering.

              Arrive Early and Stay Late 

              Crowds are often the lowest first thing in the morning and late at night. If you can get to the park early you might be able to hit some of the most popular attractions before lengthy wait times being to build.

              Crowds will also start to dwindle as it gets later in the evening, so you'll have another opportunity at shorter wait times at night (typically after 7 PM).




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