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Is SeaWorld Open On Thanksgiving? | Holiday Travel Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times of year to travel, but you might be wondering if theme parks like SeaWorld are even open on this holiday.

With three different SeaWorld theme parks in Orlando, San Antonio, and San Diego, this guide will explain if each of the three SeaWorld parks is open during Thanksgiving as well as some holiday travel tips to consider on your next visit to SeaWorld!

Questions We'll Answer About Thanksgiving At SeaWorld:

  • Is SeaWorld San Diego Open On Thanksgiving?
  • Is SeaWorld Orlando Open On Thanksgiving?
  • Is SeaWorld San Antonio Open On Thanksgiving?
  • Thanksgiving Theme Park Tips!

           Family of four walking into SeaWorld San Antonio

          Is SeaWorld San Diego Open On Thanksgiving?

          Like many of the most popular theme parks across the country, SeaWorld San Diego is open year round including Thanksgiving day and every major holiday!

          Thanksgiving is surprisingly one of the most popular days of the year to visit SeaWorld San Diego!

          It's easy to think that most people would rather be at home enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner, but the truth is many people are looking for a fun getaway during their Thanksgiving break and SeaWorld San Diego has become a very popular destination for a Thanksgiving vacation.

          Family of three walking into SeaWorld San Diego

          Is SeaWorld Orlando Open on Thanksgiving?

          SeaWorld Orlando is also open on Thanksgiving day!

          Orlando has become one of the most popular Thanksgiving vacation destinations in the country and you'll quickly see just how popular visiting Orlando over the holidays has become if you visit SeaWorld on Thanksgiving!

          Wait times for attractions and shows at SeaWorld tend to be some of the longest you'll see all year during Thanksgiving.

          Rollercoast at SeaWorld Orlando with rocky lagoon surrounding it.

          The good news is that Thanksgiving is a bit slower than visiting SeaWorld on Christmas or New Year and par with Independence Day.

          While Orlando is quite hot year-round, you might also catch a break on Thanksgiving and get some temperatures in the 70s or 80s which makes waiting in lines much more bearable than what you'd experience during a Florida summer.

          Is SeaWorld San Antonio Open on Thanksgiving?

          Rounding out all of the SeaWorld theme parks in the United States is SeaWorld San Antonio, which is also open on Thanksgiving day!

          SeaWorld San Antonio is more of a locals park than the other two SeaWorld theme parks and not as much of a major international travel destination.

          This means SeaWorld San Antonio likely won't see as high of wait times for attractions and shows as you might find in San Diego or Orlando.

          Still expect SeaWorld San Antonio to be busy though as schools in the area will be closed and locals will still be looking for a fun way to spend Thanksgiving day.

          Rollercoaster at SeaWorld San Antonio during sunset. 

          Thanksgiving Theme Park Tips!

          Thanksgiving is one of the most popular and expensive times of year to travel, but thankfully we have some tips to save you both time and money when planning a Thanksgiving trip to SeaWorld!

          • Reserve Dinner In Advance: Because many people will be looking to have a sit-down dinner on Thanksgiving night, restaurant reservations at SeaWorld will be harder than ever to get. Consider booking your dinner reservations as early as possible if you're looking to eat at a specific location. 
          • Purchase Your Tickets Online: Wait times for attractions will be much longer than usual on Thanksgiving, so purchasing your tickets online will save you from waiting in yet another line at the ticket booths. Purchase your tickets for SeaWorld OrlandoSeaWorld San Diegoor SeaWorld San Antonio in advance online and save some money along the way! 
            • Arrive Early and Stay Late: Crowds are often the lowest first thing in the morning and late at night. If you can get to the park early you might be able to hit some of the most popular attractions before lengthy wait times being to build. Crowds will also start to dwindle as it gets later in the evening, so you'll have another opportunity at shorter wait times at night (typically after 7 PM).
              • Consider Quick Queue: Wait times for most attractions can easily stretch for over 60 minutes on Thanksgiving. If you're willing to spend some more money on your trip to SeaWorld then Quick Queue is worth considering.



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