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How to Get to Animal Kingdom From Magic Kingdom | Explained

Knowing how to travel from each Disney park to the other can get a bit overwhelming for new visitors.

In this page, we'll go over the best ways of how to get to Animal Kingdom from Magic Kingdom.

    How to Get to Animal Kingdom From Magic Kingdom

    There are two easy ways to travel from Magic Kingdom to the Animal Kingdom including taking the Disney bus and the Minnie Van Service.

    The Disney bus is the traditional (free of cost) route, while the Minnie Van service is the newest and most unique route at an additional cost.

    disney world buses

    Each one has its pros and cons which we will break down below.

    Disney Bus to Animal Kingdom

    This is the most common route that visitors take. You'll simply exit Magic Kingdom, and the bus stop will be located on your right.

    There will be different numbered signs that explain to which park each bus is headed.

    Find the bus number headed to Animal Kingdom, and wait at that stop.

    Something else to be aware of is Disney buses come around every 20 minutes, so if the bus is not there when you get there, chances are that you'll have to wait a few minutes until the next one shows up.

    Bus Stops Add Time

    It's important to know that the Disney bus has several stops to make, which visitors forget to account for during their planning.

    On average, we recommend adding 30 minutes to your expected time when moving from one Disney park to the other.

    Minnie Van Service to Animal Kingdom

    At an additional cost, visitors can take the Minnie Van Service where the drivers are actually Disney Cast Members.

    disney minnie van service

    The Minnie Van Service is a Disney-themed car that can take guests to a Disney park in style (and comfort).

    Each vehicle accommodates up to 6 Guests.

    Guests will simply use the Lyft app to schedule their ride.

    How it Works 

    To request a ride through the Lyft app:

    • Open the app and select your Walt Disney World destination
    • Confirm your pick-up location and tap “Select Minnie Van”; if Minnie Van service is not the default vehicle type displayed, you will need to swipe through your vehicle options until Minnie Van service is displayed
    • The app will display a map tracking the vehicle en route—along with an identifying vehicle number to help you spot your car

    Hours of Operation
    Minnie Van service operates from 6:30 AM to 12:30 AM daily. Hours of operation are subject to change.

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