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How to Get From Magic Kingdom to EPCOT | Easily Explained

Knowing how to travel from each Disney park to the other can get a bit overwhelming for new visitors.

In this page, we'll go over the best ways of how to get from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT.

    How to Get From Magic Kingdom to EPCOT

    The best way to get from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT is by using the monorail line, for a total transportation time of 20-25 minutes. 

    does the monorail go to disney springs

    Visitors will take two separate monorails to get to the EPCOT park. 

    For other transportation alternatives, visitors can also use Disney buses or ride-sharing services.


    Monorail to EPCOT

    The monorail to EPCOT has two stops including:

    transportation ticket center at magic kingdom

    The TTC is where all of Magic Kingdom's transportation and parking happens.

    From the TTC, visitors can follow the signs to the 'EPCOT Monorail' to board their second and final monorail to their destination.

    The monorail will drop you off right next to EPCOT's main entrance.

    What to Expect Riding the Monorail

    For those who have never ridden the Disney Monorail before, make sure to hold on tightly as they carry some speed.

    These monorails can reach 30 miles per hour during the ride.

    Have no fear, however, as there are plenty of seats available.

    If you choose to stand, there are also plenty of safety handles for visitors to grab onto during the ride.

    The monorails on average runs about every 10 minutes.

    Disney Bus to EPCOT

    Another option to get to EPCOT is to take the Disney buses.

    disney bus

    Disney buses allow visitors to travel in comfort (and AC) as they transition from one park to the other.

    Something to be aware of is Disney buses come around every 20 minutes, so if the bus is not there when you get there, chances are that you'll have to wait a few minutes until the next one shows up.

    Many guests forget to factor this into their itinerary for the day.

    Where Are the Buses?

    When you're leaving the park through the main gates, the Disney bus stops can be found on your left-hand side.

    After you board the bus, the buses will drop you off right next to Animal Kingdom's main entrance.

    Ride Sharing Services

    If you are traveling with a smaller number of people, or you don't want to deal with waiting for buses, ride-sharing services may be a great fit.

    At an additional cost, you can request a ride-sharing service to pick you and your party up and transport you over to the next park.

    Some visitors would rather do this, instead of having to deal with some of the stops that buses will have.

    lyft magic kingdom to epcot

    You'll simply download a ride-sharing service app such as Uber or Lyft, and you'll be able to call for a car immediately, or even schedule hours (or days) ahead for pick-up.

    The Pick Up location will be at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC).

    Minnie Van Service

    You'll notice in the above picture that there's a 'Minnie Van' option.

    This will only show up on Disney property, as the Minnie Van Service is a Disney-themed car that can take guests to a Disney park in style (and comfort). 

    minnie van service disney

    The main reason why guests use this service is due to knowing that their Lyft driver will be a cast member, as well as being able to experience what the polka dot-filled car is really like.

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