How to Get From EPCOT to Hollywood Studios | Easily Explained

Knowing how to travel from each Disney park to the other can get a bit overwhelming for new visitors.

In this page, we'll go over the best ways of how to get from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios.

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    How to Get From EPCOT to Hollywood Studios

    The best way to get from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios is by using the Disney Skyliner. It'll take a total of 20-25 minutes, and you'll have amazing views on the way.

    The other options include taking the Disney Bus, Monorail, or the Friendship Boat.

    disney skyliner from epcot to hollywood studios

    All of these Disney transportation systems are complimentary for all guests, which means that you don't need to be stay at a Disney resort to use them.

    Disney Skyliner to Hollywood Studios

    If you aren't afraid of heights, the Disney Skyliner is the fastest and nicest way to travel from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios.

    Not only will you see the parks and its surroundings from a bird-eye view, but it's a very relaxing and enjoyable ride.

    Where is the Gondola?

    At the entrance of EPCOT's International Gateway entrance, you'll be able to board the Skyliner.

    Visitors will make one stop on the Disney Skyliner gondolas in order to arrive to Hollywood Studios.

    • You'll want to get off of the Skyliner at the Caribbean Beach station, and then follow the signs to Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Skyliner Gondola Features

    The outside of each gondola features a picture of your favorite Disney characters ranging from the Lion King to Toy Story.

    Visitors are able to clearly sightsee from inside of their gondola (outwards), but others aren't able to see inside of other visitors' gondolas.

    The Disney Skyliner is one of the newest forms of transportation, as they introduced this in 2019.

    Disney Bus to Hollywood Studios

    Another option to get to Hollywood Studios is to take the Disney buses.

    Disney buses allow visitors to travel in comfort (and AC) as they transition from one park to the other.

    disney bus transportation


    Something to be aware of is Disney buses come around every 20 minutes, so if the bus is not there when you get there, chances are that you'll have to wait a few minutes until the next one shows up.

    Many guests forget to factor this into their itinerary for the day.

    Where Are the Buses?

    These buses can be found on your left hand side after exiting the park.

    At this point, you will see numbered bus stops on a large sign, next to the bus stops.

    This sign will state where that particular bus goes.

    When you have found the bus that says Disney's Hollywood Studios, you can wait at that numbered bus stop until the bus arrives.

    Disney Boat to Hollywood Studios

    If you love being on the water, and don't mind moving at a slower pace, the Friendship Boat may be a great option for you.

    The Friendship boat will take visitors on the water to experience a unique view of all of the Disney resorts on the way to EPCOT. 

    Guests will even float below some Disney Skyliner Gondolas.

    This ride will take about 30-35 minutes in total, as they will make a few stops along the way.

    Boats Appear Every Few Minutes

    These boats make their rounds approximately every 20 minutes, so if they are not there when you arrive, don't worry. You'll simply need to wait a few more minutes.

    Where Can I Find the Boats?

    At EPCOT's International Gateway Entrance.

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