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How to Get From Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios | Explained

Knowing how to travel from each Disney park to the other can get a bit overwhelming for new visitors.

In this page, we'll go over the best ways of how to get from Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios.

How to Get From Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios

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How to Get From Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios

The best free way to travel from Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios is by using the Disney bus service. The reason for this is that Animal Kingdom is located much further away than all of the other Disney parks, which means other services such as the monorail, and ferry don't currently go to Animal Kingdom.

disney bus service

There are other paid alternatives to get to Hollywood Studios that we discuss below.

Where Are the Disney Buses?

The Disney buses can be found to your right hand side after exiting the park.

As you're exiting the park, you'll see the above sign pointing where the different transportation options can be found.

Why Use a Disney Bus?

Disney buses allow visitors to travel in comfort (and AC) as they transition from one park to the other.

Disney buses are also complimentary for all guests, which means that you don't need to be stay at a Disney resort to use them.


Ridesharing Services

If you are traveling with a smaller number of people, or you don't want to deal with waiting for buses, ride sharing services may be a great fit.

uber animal kingdom to hollywood studios

At an additional cost, you can request a ride sharing service to pick you and your party up and transport you over to the next park.

Some visitors would rather do this, instead of having to deal with some of the stops that buses will have.

You'll simply download a ride sharing service app such as Uber or Lyft, and you'll be able to call for a car immediately, or even schedule hours (or days) ahead for pick up.


At an additional cost, visitors can take the Minnie Van Service where the drivers are actually Disney Cast Members.

disney minnie van service

The Minnie Van Service is a Disney-themed car that can take guests to a Disney park in style (and comfort).

Each vehicle accommodates up to 6 Guests.

Guests will simply use the Lyft app to schedule their ride as they normally would.

However, they will select 'Minnie Van Service' over the other options (Lyft, Lyft XL, etc).

How it Works

To request a ride through the Lyft app:

  • Open the app and select Hollywood Studios drop-off
    • animal kingdom to hollywood studios minnie van drop off
  • Confirm your pick-up location (Animal Kingdom) and tap “Select Minnie Van”
    • animal kingdom pick up location minnie van service
  • The app will then show a map with available Minnie Van drivers tracking the vehicle en route—along with an identifying vehicle number to help you spot your car
    • available minnie van service cars on the app

Hours of Operation
Minnie Van service operates from 6:30 AM to 12:30 AM daily. Hours of operation are subject to change.


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