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How Much Is The Wand Experience At Universal Studios? | Simply Explained

The wand experience at Universal Studios, formally known as Ollivanders Wand Shop is one of the most popular experiences at Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.

In this guide, we'll walk through everything there is to know about Ollivanders Wand Shop! 

Questions We'll Answer About The Wand Experience At Universal Studios:

  • How much does Ollivanders Wand Shop experience cost?
  • Best Way To Experience Ollivanders Wand Shop
  • Wand Discounts & Deals

Using wands at Universal Studios

How much does Ollivanders Wand Shop experience cost?

Ollivanders Wand Shop experience is included in the price of your park ticket and is absolutely free.

At Universal Studios in Florida or Universal Studios in California, there isn't an additional charge for any of the wand experiences. 

While the wand experience is free to enjoy, keeping a wand will cost extra. If you find a wand you really like you'll have to pay for it!

Wands cost anywhere from $55 all the way up to $75 depending on the type of wand you're interested in.

Best Way To Experience Ollivanders Wand Shop

Ollivanders Wand Shop is very popular and often has a wait longer to get in longer than many rides!

TIP: We recommend arriving at Ollivander's early in the morning when you're most likely to see the lowest wait times and potentially even the ability to walk right in.

Ollivanders Wand Shop also does not have an Express Pass line, so if you plan to purchase an Express Pass keep in mind that you will not be able to use it for the wand experience.

Ollivanders wand experience

Alternatively, if you're just looking to purchase a wand there are many other shops in Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley where you can browse wands and make your purchase.

Note: Typically only 1-2 guests are chosen to partake in the "wand experience".

A Universal Studios employee will choose this guest(s) at random and they typically like to choose children or couples. 

    Wand Discounts & Deals

    kids with wands at Universal Studios Hollywood

    Discounts on wands can change throughout the year with deals easiest to come by during the slower times of year.

    We've listed some recent discounts and deals on wands below, but we'd recommend double-checking with a Universal Studios employee if there are any ongoing deals or offers when you visit 

    • Free regular wand with purchase of a $250 Universal gift card
    • 10% off for Universal Annual Passholders

    There are also a variety of wands available on Amazon that are authentic to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

    These wands are typically cheaper, but not available with interactive features. 



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