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How Long Does It Take to Go Through Gatorland? | Easily Explained

In this page, we will cover how long it will take to go through the Gatorland park, and what experiences you can expect to take the longest time.

How Long Does It Take to Go Through Gatorland

4-5 hours will be plenty of time to experience most of the Gatorland park. It will ultimately come down to what you want to experience. The most time consuming part of your visit will be the shows, as they normally run around 45 minutes, so you'll want to plan accordingly.

gatorland gators

Gatorland is a theme park that is mostly composed of attractions that you can walk around and see for minutes at a time, and then move on to the next.

As soon as you walk into the swamp, you are surrounded by gators that range in all sizes.

Make your way forward a little more and you'll see the White Gator swamp (self explanatory name), a petting zoo where you can feed and pet animals such as goats, and even a parrot playground where you can see exotic parrots and hear them talk back to you.

We've created a Gatorland Review page that details all of the attractions that Gatorland offers, along with useful tips for your visit.

If you're not interested in watching any of the shows, your visit at the park may be half as long as mentioned above.


One of the all time classics, the Gator Jumparoo show will provide you with an experience that will keep you glued to the water.

Here you will watch some of the colossal gators jump several feet out of the water and snatch some meals. There will be “oo’s” and “ahh’s” as the sneakily athletic monsters show off their range

The Gator Wrestlin' show is very interactive and crowd friendly, they do a great job to keep you engaged. To finish off the show the gator is turned on its back and sent to sleep, until it is woken up from its nap by a tickle from the wrangler!

Up Close Encounters is unsurprisingly exactly what the name depicts. Visitors from the audience are chosen at random (and voluntary) to participate and they have to guess what is in the box!

Extra Activities

The other activities that will take up a considerable amount of time will also cost extra.

stompin gator off road adventure

The Stompin' Gator Off-Road Adventure

A 12-foot-high custom-made, off-road monster vehicles for a 15-minute rugged and hilarious adventure like no other theme park ride anywhere.

This exciting ride is made up of full of wacky new Gatorland characters, singing tour guides, swampy adventure, and, of course, lots of alligators.

Gatorland Screamin' Gator Zipline

A lot of ziplines go in a straight line through the duration of the ride and end in under 1 minute.

This zipline ride navigates tower to tower to different checkpoints as you slowly are introduced to wildlife, longer distances, and higher altitudes. This means that at the beginning you will be ziplining over small buildings, and by the end of the ride you'll be ziplining over the alligator breeding marsh, which contains 100+ gators.