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3 Best Gatorland Shows in Gatorland | Simply Explained

Gatorland offers several shows with gators and other animals that you wont find anywhere else.

Whether its the colossal beasts jumping out of the water to snatch a snack, or a trainer educating the public while being in the ring with a giant gator, you'll be on the edge of your seat!

Gator Jumparoo Show

A true Florida classic. In this show you'll be able to see Gators snatch some snacks out of the air right in front of your eyes.

gatorland jumparoo

The show is composed of two silly gentlemen wearing overalls, and one man leading the show with a cowboy hat.

Throughout the show, the gentleman with a cowboy hat will have a microphone educating the audience on the gators and crocs, and what they should expect to see.

In between that however, he'll ask the other two gentlemen questions, and the audience will wait in suspense as they (purposefully and) hilariously answer incorrectly.

This trio does a great job of making the show entertaining and educational as the stadium becomes full of laughs and oo's and ahh's as the gators jump several feet into the air to get lunch.


A shaded square, where the audience has the option of watching from 3 different sides, and the Gatorland staff is positioned on the last side.

In the center of the square, is where all of the gators are located.

gatorland jumparoo stadium

This allows you to have a great view of the show, no matter which side you are on. 

This show does a great job of being interactive, as they'll split each side into 'teams' in order to ensure that they each get a perfect view of the gators.

The best part about the stadium however is that it is shaded. During the show, you'll be in a nice comfortable shaded area, away from the hot sun.

Unique Finale

The ending to the show is very unique as the gentlemen in overalls become more risky and are actually hand feeding the gators and crocs as they jump out of the water. 

gator jumparoo

Once that is complete, the audience decides on which one of the two did a better job during the show. This is decided based on who gets the louder cheers.


Gator Wrestlin' Show

This is another show that features gators, but in a different way. In this show, the gator wrangler will actually make contact with the gator and safely put him into different positions while educating the audience.

gator wrestlin show

The show begins by a staff member explaining the history of gator wrestling, leading to how they got to where they are today.

He will also explain how gator holes are formed, and how in earlier times a conflict with farmers and gators occurred.

The show is then passed off to to the gator wrangler and the first item on his to do list is to choose a young kid and have him choose a gator for him.

He then explains to the young kid how the process of catching a gator goes and jokingly suggests that he will actually be the one doing all of the work!

Eventually the gator wrangler tells him the truth, that it was just a joke and then the show begins.

The gator wrangler will grab the chosen gator and position him on the sand, while he jumps on top of him and then safely will move him into different positions.

gatorland wrestlin

Throughout the entire show, he will explain gator behaviors, how they react to certain environments, what they look for etc while educating the public.

The Ending That you Have to see to Believe

The show ends by the gator wrangler positioning the gator on its back as it falls asleep and eventually it is woken up by a tickle!


This stadium has 4 different areas in each direction where visitors are able to sit, and in the center, a few feet away, there is a gated, moat-like atmosphere. 

gator wrestling show stadium

In the center there is a circular area full of sand, where the gator wranglers stand & sit while talking to, entertaining and educating the visitors.

This allows for specific seating to not be as important as you will have a great view no matter where you sit.

This also allows the audience to be more involved since they're only a short distance away and the gator wranglers can make eye contact and interact with every side.


Up Close Encounters

This show is genuinely pure comedy made up of two hilarious animal handlers.

Throughout the show they'll bring out different animals and then educate you on each one, where they live, whether they're venomous or not, how large they can grow and much more.

up close encounters

The animal handlers make goofy jokes and even make fun of each other, as the audience eats it up.

In this show you'll be able to see animals such as tarantulas, pythons, rattlesnakes and many others.


There's only one side where you're able to sit, and the stage is on the opposite side, so you'll want to make sure that you get there early or if it's crowded you may have to stand!

up close encounters arena

This arena is full of wooden boxes containing the words 'venomous', 'fragile', 'dangerous', along with many different countries and continents. 

It gives the arena an atmosphere of "You don't know what we will pull out of these boxes" feel which keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. 


In the end, they will choose a few audience members to stand up on stage and put their arms out in front of them.

The animal handlers will then bring out a massive albino python for them to hold!

Gatorland Show Schedule 2021

10:45 AM Gator Jumparoo
11:30 AM Up Close Encounters
12:30 AM Alligators: Legends of the Swamp
2:00 PM Up Close Encounters
2:00 PM Alligators: Legends of the Swamp
3:30 PM Up Close Encounters
3:30 PM Alligators: Legends of the Swamp
4:30 PM Alligators: Legends of the Swamp
5:30 PM Up Close Encounters

**Show schedule is subject to change**

PETTING FARM – Open 11:00AM to 5:30PM daily.

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