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How Do Wands at Universal Work? | Secrets Revealed!

If you've ever seen a video of someone wave their wands and spark some magic while at Universal Studios you're probably wondering how did they do that.

In this guide, we'll breakdown the type of wand you need to have at Universal to make the magic happen as well as just how these wands work!

Scroll down to the end of our guide to see some videos that really dive into the "magic" of these wands. 

Questions We'll Answer About Wants At Universal:

  • What Are Interactive Wands?
  • What Are The Wands Made Of?
  • How Do The Wands Work?

Multiple wands on display at Ollivanders

What Are Interactive Wands?

Interactive wands are an incredible souvenir from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that take your experiences in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley to the next level. 

Across Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley you'll find markers on the ground with instructions on how to cast and spell and make some magic happen. Spells include anything from making an inanimate object dance to turning on lights!

Below we have some videos of the interactive wands in action.


What Are The Wands Made Of?

While the wands in the Harry Potter series are made from oak, maple, willow, unicorn hair and dragon heartstrings, the wands in our Muggle world are actually quite simple.

The wands found at Universal Studios are primarily made up of resin, while the interactive wands also have a small infrared reflective tip built into the end of the wand.

We dive into more detail on why that reflective tip is so important in the section below!

Wands at Hogsmeade Village

How Do The Wands Work?

The secret behind the wands magical abilities is in the reflective tip built into the very tip of the wand.

Each of the magic spell locations have hidden infrared cameras shining lights that are invisible to the human eye.

The reflective tip shines the light emitting from the infrared cameras back into the camera which triggers the magical effect when done in the correct shape of the spell (as indicated on the ground in the spell location). 

Moving the wand in the correct spell shape is key as it bounces the light in different directions back into the multiple camera positioned at the location.

In short, the key behind the magic is the reflective tip of your wand. You can actually put an infrared reflective dot, or tape, on the tip of any object and you might be able to turn any household item into a "magic wand"

The video below actually shows some cucumbers being turned into magic wands at Universal Studios!


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