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Georgia Aquarium Parking | Ultimate Guide & Best Spots

Before you can be captivated by whale sharks, dolphins, or beluga whales, you'll want to make sure you know the details of parking availability to ensure a smooth arrival to the Georgia Aquarium. 

In this Georgia Aquarium Guide, we'll dive into all the details about parking at the aquarium and assess some of the best spots to park nearby.

Questions We'll Answer About Georgia Aquarium Parking:

  • Where Is Parking Located For The Georgia Aquarium?
  • How Much Does Parking Cost At The Georgia Aquarium?
  • When Does Parking Open At The Georgia Aquarium?
  • Are There Handicap Parking Spots Available?
  • Alternate Parking And Tips for Stress-Free Parking


Georgia Aquarium Parking

Where Is Parking Located For The Georgia Aquarium?

Downtown Atlanta can feel like navigating a riptide. But fear not! Finding parking at the Georgia Aquarium is relatively straightforward.

The official Georgia Aquarium parking deck boasts 1,600 spaces conveniently attached to the aquarium itself. 

Wondering which entrance to take into the parking deck? The parking deck can be accessed from three entrances:

  • Luckie Street Entrance #1 and #2: Both have a vehicle height restriction of 6'8".

Sea life exhibit at Georgia Aquarium

Simply punch in 357 Luckie Street, NW Atlanta, GA 30313 to your GPS for a direct route to the parking garage. 

Got a van or an RV? Oversized vehicle parking is available but very limited.

You must talk to the attendant at the 245 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW entrance to access those specialized spots. 

  • Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd Entrance: This is your go-to for oversized vehicles, with a height clearance of 8'2".

Note that pre-paid parking isn't available for vehicles over 6'8", and spaces can't be guaranteed.

Once parked, follow the wayfinding signs and ground markings directing you to the elevators, and voilà, you've arrived at the Georgia Aquarium.

Swimming with Whale Shark

How Much Does Parking Cost At The Georgia Aquarium?

Parking costs are simple and are divided into two categories:

  • Member's Parking Cost: $15 
  • General Parking Cost: $20

Membership is only worth it if you have a party larger than three people or plan to visit frequently.

Otherwise, you'll need to stick with general parking if you don't become a member.


Sea Lion

When Does Parking Open At The Georgia Aquarium?

The Aqaurium's Operating Hours Are Typically:

  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Friday to Sunday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Note that the last entry is allowed at most half an hour before closing.

You can expect the parking deck to open just about 30 minutes before the aquarium is slated to open in the morning. 

These hours are subject to change, however, so always make a point to check back on the operational calendar before you head over.

Hammerhead Shark Exhibit

Are There Handicap Parking Spots Available?

If you need access to accessible parking spots, rest easy knowing that the Aquarium has got you covered— from parking to petting sea creatures.

Parking Accessibility:

  • Handicap Parking: The Aquarium's parking deck is prepared for guests with mobility impairments. Accessible parking spots are conveniently located near the elevators, from level 2 through level 5.
  • Oversized Vehicles: If your vehicle is on the larger side (up to 8 feet, 2 inches), limited spaces are available on the first floor to accommodate you. However, no pre-paid parking is available.

Turtle Exhibit

Additional Facilities:

  • Wheelchairs: Available free of charge at the Main Entrance and Information Desk. All you need is a photo ID.

Inside the Aquarium:

  • Touch Pool: The Cold Water Quest gallery features a touch pool with special wheelchair access. A staff member will provide a personal experience so that you can get up close with the aquatic life.
  • Designated Viewing Areas: Look for wheelchair emblems on the floor at various exhibits. These mark spots where you can have unblocked access to the exhibit windows.

Diving with Sea Life at Georgia Aquarium

Alternate Parking And Tips for Stress-Free Parking

While the official Georgia Aquarium parking deck is a solid go-to and our preferred parking option, it's always good to have backup options. 

Nearby Parking Lots:

Public transportation can also be a good choice if you're staying at a hotel nearby.

Sea lions swimming together

Public Transportation:

  • The Aquarium is within a 10 - 15 minute walk from several MARTA stations, including Dome/GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center Station on the Blue/Green line or Civic Center and Peachtree Center Stations on the Red/Gold line.
  • Bus Route 32 also ferries you near the Aquarium, with stops at the Civic Center or Five Points stations.

Pro Tips:

  • Book in Advance: Reserve parking online via the lot websites or third-party apps like Way to secure your spot and possibly save money.
  • Check the Aquarium's Website: You can find maps, updated information, and other helpful tips and tricks. It's always worth a gander before you set sail.

Mom and daughter at the Georiga Aquarium

Additional Resources

Navigating the waters of a trip to the Georgia Aquarium can be as easy as following a school of fish—if you have the right resources. Here are some additional tools and guides to make your visit an ocean of fun:



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