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What is the Elitch Gardens Fast Pass? | Easily Explained

In this guide, we'll go over what a Elitch Gardens Fast Pass/Rapid Ride Pass is, what it allows you to do, what rides it includes, and where to buy them.

What is a Rapid Ride Pass?

Rapid Ride is essentially Elitch Garden's fast pass system.

It gives you access to a separate and faster line, in order to skip the regular line and spend more of your time riding your favorite rides rather than waiting in a long line.

rapid ride elitch gardens

The Rapid Ride Pass is valid during your one day of visiting.

How to Skip the Line

After purchasing your pass, you will receive a wristband which will give you access to the 'Rapid Ride Line'.

All that you have to do is show your wristband to the ride operator in the entrance of the ride. 

Included Rides

As of the time of this writing, the following rides are included for unlimited use of the Rapid Ride pass: 

  • Star Flyer
  • Brain Drain
  • Twister II
  • Mind Eraser
  • Boomerang
  • Half Pipe
  • Disaster Canyon
  • Shipwreck Falls
  • Meow Wolf's Kaleidoscape
  • Splashdown (When the water park is open)

Is it Included With Admission?

No, it is an additional cost as you will need an admission ticket in order to be able to use the Rapid Ride pass.

elitch gardens ride upside down

When Should I Get a Rapid Ride Pass

If you're visiting the park for one day, and the only time that you can visit is during the weekend (especially during a holiday), a Rapid Ride pass will come in very handy.

As we mentioned, the weekends are typically the busiest time for the parks, which means the lines will also be longer.

When Should I Not Get a Rapid Ride Pass

If you're able to visit the park during the weekdays, and you can get in early in the morning right when the park opens. This is when the park is usually less busy.

Where to Buy a Rapid Ride Pass

You can purchase a Rapid Ride pass directly from the Elitch Gardens website.

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