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How to Keep Glasses on When Riding a Roller Coaster? | Explained

If you are someone who needs glasses to see for everyday events, and are planning on visiting a theme park, this article is for you.

In this page we will cover how to keep glasses on when riding a roller coaster, and alternatives to wearing glasses during rides.

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Can You Wear Glasses on a Roller Coaster?

For those that wear glasses for everyday use, the first thing that you must check is whether or not you are allowed to wear glasses for each ride that you want to ride. Every ride has a different policy depending on factors such as if there are inversions, sharp turns or sudden stops. If it does allow glasses, invest in sport straps.

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How to Keep Glasses On

If the ride allows you to wear glasses and you want to ensure that your glasses stay in place, you'll want to consider investing in a sport strap for your glasses.

These straps are the simple strip of fabric that connects to the arms of your glasses behind your head. If your glasses lunge forward at any point, the strap will prevent them from getting launched, and they'll stay in your vicinity.

There are now also adjustable cable straps that can be tightened around your head, unlike the traditional straps. 

Wear Contacts

If you're able to wearing contacts is the easiest solution to riding rides at any theme parks. 

There won't be a need to double check if rides permit glasses on a ride, and you'll be able to clearly experience the entire park for the duration of your visit.

Virtual Reality Headsets on Rides

You should be aware that some rides have Virtual Reality headsets such as Kraken (used to have one) at SeaWorld Orlando.

The headsets will be tightly secured to your face, so there will be no need for glasses as the adventure will be inches from your eyes.

The way it works is the ride will function as normal, however those who wear the headsets will have a completely different experience.

They will be underwater in a virtual world, feeling the twists, turns and inversion of Kraken, while experiencing a completely different journey to Atlantis.